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C  I  A

The Central Intelligence Agency


Overview Of CIA International Criminal-, Terror-, And Crime-Spree Since 1947

1947: Clark Clifford And The Dulles Brothers Create CIA

Operation Paperclip: Nazi War Criminals Saved By CIA

Iran 1953: CIA Uses Terrorism, Bombings, And Assassinations In Iran

Guatemala 1954: CIA Takes Down Government For U.S. Business Interests

1954: Dien Bien Phu

Mid-To-Late 1950s And Early 1960s: CIA In Laos, 36,000-Mercenary Clandestine Army, Narcotics Dealing

1950s And 1960s And 1970s: CIA Mires U.S. In Viet Nam And Southeast Asia

Bay of Pigs

Operation MK-ULTRA: Nazi Mind Control Science

Church Committee

CIA Investigates CIA For Drug Dealing And Money Laundering And Illegal Arms Sales

Castle Bank And Trust Of Nassau

 Nugan-Hand Bank



BCCI And Terrorism: BCCI And Al Qaeda Link

CIA On 9/11

Victor Marchetti

John Stockwell

Michael C. Ruppert's War Against CIA Drug Smuggling In America

Veteran Intelligence Professionals For Sanity: Former Analyst Ray McGovern

Elias On Methodic Intelligence: Is There Hope For America?

Gary Bernsten and Operation Jawbreaker




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