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Elias Alias

Willow Creek, Montana, USA

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The below is a composition I posted on a message board thread, June 08, 2008: Thread is here: http://www.thementalmilitia.com/forums/index.php?topic=17877.0

The outside link furnished by Basil Fishbone in the thread-opening post is here:



I've read the article and left a notice in the comments section about The Claire Files now being the forums for TMM. I also clicked on Tamara's full profile, where I learned that she has quite a fine list of favorite books.


And I have to agree with Basil that despite her grip on a large barrel of truth in general, she still does not quite get the picture from the perspective of the overview.

So yet again it brings up in my mind a question: How can someone who reads L. Neil Smith and other libertarian writers, and knows about The Claire Files, somehow avoid seeing the reality of political futility? It matters not, at this time in American history, who gets into the White House, because that seat is dictated by hidden powers quaintly known as "international financiers", who seek a one-world government. They want population control (eugenics etc.) and population control (police-state levering of human behavior). The war on freedom's newest name is the War on Terror. It is financed by the Corporate Dynasty, same as were both World Wars and the Cold War, and we empower it with our allegiance and our tax money, as well as with our 'belef'.

You, myself, and our good neighbors are the self-assaulting targets. We use and empower government to shoot ourselves in the foot. False-flag methodology is viewed from within governmental and corporate  infrastructures as an asset to be used for the benefit of the elite who would structure our daily lives, our daily reality. The current state of the union includes a batch of existing Executive Orders and Presidential Decision Directives and National Security Directives which have evolved across a number of Presidential Administrations crossing the aisle in mutual guilt to create the infrastructure of a police state, take down the U.S. Constitution, assimilate America into a North American Union, dispose of the U.S. dollar in favor of an international currency (the Amero), combine our military mission with that of Canada and Mexico, dispose of national borders in the Western Hemisphere, bow to a World Court, a World Trade Organization, a World police force, a World Bank, and a World Economic unit of measure (the Special Drawing Rights of the IMF, which shall transplant all regional currencies). The one-world government shall dissolve and devolve into a network of corporate sectors in which totalitarian fascism eradicates the middle class status of the common human being and renders him either a slave or a dead liberty fighter.

Every major war of the 20th Century was literally choreographed and executed by the powers who dominate the American political process and its generally-held perception which has been presented by a loyal mass media. The biggest money moves the biggest mountains - and the U.S. Constitution is the last mountain which can prohibit the takeover of a one-world government. It is being attacked by design and with deliberate intent. False-flag terrorism, coupled with economic leveraging for political objectives, as laid out by Quigley in Tragedy And Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, are options for world-government advocates. So is the phenomenon of economic failure - if they tank the U.S. economy the President can call for the most powerful War Powers amendments yet known to man.

A meditation for Tamara:

"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson - and I am not wholly excepting the Administration of W.W.  The country is going through a repetition of Jackson's fight with the Bank of the United States - only on a far bigger and broader basis."

That quote was taken from a letter by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Colonel Edward Mandel House (who had been Woodrow Wilson's chief adviser and a co-founder of the Council on Foreign Relations CFR), on November 21, 1933. Found in: F. D. R.: His Personal Letters, New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1950; page 373.

If the financial elements in the larger centers own the government, our endeavors to interpret reality in today's political climate must include as primary that fact. Those "elements" have family names, such as Rothschild and Rockefeller. All of us, including Tamara, may see more clearly after we admit that the Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, and the CFR run the Bank for International Settlements, the World Bank/IMF, and every country's central bank including the Federal Reserve System, Inc. here in America. That is the power. That determines who (or what) sits in the White House. The only political force which would stand against the New World Order is the Ron Paul campaign and its interfaced grass-roots Revolution.



Tragedy And Hope: A History Of The World In Our Time

by Carroll Quigley; copyright 1966 by Carroll Quigley; first published by Macmillan, New York; current publisher: GSG and Associates, Post Office Box 590, San Pedro, California, 90733; phone 310-548-3455; Library of Congress catalog card member: 65-13589.

The Anglo-American Establishment

by Carroll Quigley; copyright 1981 by Books In Focus, Inc., P.O. Box 3481, Grand Central Station, New York, New York 10163; published by Books In Focus, Inc.; ISBN: 0-916728-50-1.



writing March 01, 2008

I ain't hiding from any of them. I ain't runnin' from any of them.  I'm standing on good Montana ground, here to live a life, heir to an inner conscience which pre-exists the deedery of man. I ain't obeying any illegal law, and I appeal to the truest view of the spirit of grandeur carried in the Declaration of Independence.

The desperation which shall level mountains in the public mind shall predominate future political combat If we act now in unison there is yet time to turn this momentum around and reclaim our nation. As the encroaching powers unveil yet more of their superior agenda the pressures of impact in the public pool/database shall be brought to bear in personal ways, such as assigned-only access to grocery stores or gasoline stations. Such as that is now reflecting outward from its epicenter into every aspect of the daily lives of six billion people who are seeking survival. It will make the crowds undeniably uncomfortable. That is where the desperation comes in for the would-be owners of the one-world government.

The situation and circumstance which fashioned a conceptual template and then imposed it into media and entertainment is the same situation and circumstance, operating in a parallel but separate orbit, which created the terms of public desperation. It is a mechanism, a pseudo-outgrowth of the act of governance which materializes from unspoken or unadvertised possibilities and potentials, which are part of the landscape of issuance, which issues the interest rates and the qualifications of deed and title.

A long time ago I found a way to avoid, mentally and emotionally, a large portion of the propaganda with which we are perpetually pummeled. My plan was to become impervious. To any degree in which any individual person can escape the mass program in hopes of establishing one's own individuality, an increase in personal awareness and orientation corresponds. Best to listen to the inner, the personal, the innocent, the self.

Which is exactly why the self is the target of the controlling powers. It is a well known and commonly accepted fact that the powers propose that the self is to be overcome in the name of the State. The State is here to empower every one, each self, to overcome one's inner promptings. One of the greatest Statists of the 20th Century, Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany's Third Reich, put it this way:


"It is thus necessary that the individual should finally come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of his nation; that the position of the individual ego is conditioned solely by the interests of the nation as a whole ... that above all the unity of a nation's spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom of the spirit and will of an individual..." (1)


Hitler preferred nationalist-totalitarianism and the occult philosophy traceable to Madam Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, author of The Secret Doctrine (2) and Isis Unveiled (3)

I prefer individualism.  Individual freedom from under the umbrella of an ever-burgeoning State. I am a natural being, not made by any government or corporation or by any other human-originating legal entity. Human science did not create me. All of such may only serve as creations rendered after the creation of human thought, which, based as it is on experience, on the past, must of its own inherent logic be ever somewhat blinded to the potential of the present. Only individualism can overcome that. It is the way of the self, the way of the personal soul, and it is the way of the heart. Individualism is the only way by which individuals can come together to assure individualism. Each one must be one. To do so is to work toward the glory of life. To do so is participation in the wakefulness of life, which we call "realization", which is a term for "to make real" as well as being a term which implies "reality". Because it accompanies our innocence at birth, the inner self is destined to know itself. Each one  ultimately trusts one's self on such matters.

Notes -

1 - from page 13:   The Ominous Parallels by Leonard Peikoff; copyright 1982 by Leonard Peikoff; published by the Penguin Group, Penguin Putnam, Inc., 275 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014; foreword by Ayn Rand; no ISBN in my paperback copy; Library of Congress number: 83-60247.

2 -  The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, And Philosophy  (Volume One: Cosmogenesis and Volume Two: Anthroprogenesis) by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky; "Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1888, by H. P. Blavatsky, in the office of the Librarian Of Congress at Washington D.C."; republished by the Theosophical University Press, P.O. Box C; Pasadena, California 91109-7107; my edition dated 1999; ISBN (cloth): 1-55700-001-8; ISBN (paper): 1-55700-002-6; LCCN: 74-76693 r84.

3 -  Isis Unveiled: Secrets of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition

by Helena Petrovna. Blavatsky (1831-1891); first published 1877 ; copyright 1972 The Theosophical Publishing House, P.O. Box 270, Wheaton, Illinois 60189-0270; Abridgment Copyright 1997 The Theosophical Society in America; ISBN: 0-8356-0729-1.




Writing June 26 2007

What is key about any word we may use anywhere is determined in part by the situational and contextual time - the occasion in which the word is used as well as the intended denotative and/or connotative meaning in which the word was used. Some things are *key* to other things.

On Monday, June 25, 2007, Glenn Beck mentioned on his nationally-syndicated talk-radio show several key words.  One of them was the name of Carroll Quigley. Another key word was the name of W. Cleon Skousen.  Other key words were two titles written by the two names - Tragedy And Hope by Quigley and The Naked Capitalist by Skousen.

In the same segment, Mr. Beck also mentioned other key words. Here are a couple more - "Secret Societies" and "The CFR".

That is a quartet of mighty fine key words. A new listener to the Glenn Beck Show could certainly have wondered why Mr. Beck would group those particular key words into one on-rolling rant. (Mr. Beck was ranting about the amazing indifference of our current Congress in blindly going forward with the "Immigration / Amnesty" bill despite a groundswell of outrage by the American public. The American public is that key group to which refer the key words "We The People". The American people are demanding with fevers almost paralleling Street Thunder that the Congress abandon its current usurpation by dropping that Amnesty bill. The Congress, despite knowing, as Rush Limbaugh noted on the morning of June 25, that "their votes on this could end their political careers", were speaking out of one side of their mouths and betraying the nation out the other.)

The reason any new listener might wonder why Glenn Beck used that quartet of key words is not isolated within just an implied group of new listeners. Even long-time listeners to Glenn Beck may wonder why Beck used those key words in his show.

But close listeners will recall that Glenn Beck had mentioned the name of Carroll Quigley over the air three times last Fall (Fall of 2006) - at least three times. Since I am not a regular listener to his show, I may have missed other mentions - but I'm aware of at least three previous mentions of the name Carroll Quigley. Yesterday's tirade included Glenn's use of the name W. Cleon Skousen, which Glenn abbreviated as "Skousen". That was the first time I've heard Glenn Beck mention that name. I wish it to be clear that I am not a regular listener, and that I am stating that that was the first time I myself chanced to hear Mr. Beck use the name "Skousen" on his radio show. When I heard Mr. Beck mention Quigley and Skousen and Secret Societies and the CFR all in one segment of his show, I wrote down a note of the date.

I have Tragedy And Hope by Quigley, and I have The Naked Capitalist by Skoussen. (I also have Quigley's The Anglo-American Establishment.) I also have a goodly number of books by Antony C. Sutton, whom Glenn Beck has not yet mentioned on his show at any time in which I chanced to be listening. But I've got a feeling he'll get around to including Sutton's name with those of Quigley and Skoussen. I think that someone who knows very well what he's doing is dishing to Glenn Beck a diet of conspiracy theories which are curiously much more than mere "theory". I think that someone in Glenn Beck's orbit knows perfectly well something about which I've been talking for years, and I think that that someone has got Glenn Beck's ear.

Some months ago (2007) Glenn Beck mentioned that he had been reading about the early-20th Century Financial Powers on Wall Street, the early 1900s which were carved into stone by the men whom John Taylor Gatto dubbed "the four great coal powers" - Ford, Morgan, Rockefeller, and Carnegie. One was mass production and the automobile; another was finance/rail roads; another represented oil and diversification; the fourth ruled steel and diversification.  All four were monopoly capitalists and abusers of the American political system. They created the great tax-exempt Foundations while giving the American people a Federal income tax for the first time in the early 1900s. They also were deeply involved in the creation of and establishing into law of the Federal Reserve System, Inc.

Most Americans have been taught, in the teaching approach used by the very public schools which those same four "great coal powers" designed, that those four powers are admirable figures of American history. They are not. They are among the earliest activists who began the processes which Carroll Quigley described in Tragedy And Hope. They were supporters of the wills of Cecil Rhodes, and of those internationalists who also followed Rhodes' wills. They laid the foundations on Wall Street and in Washington D.C. for the dissolution of the United States of America and its subsequent assimilation into the one-world government. The word "Empire" can in some instances be synonymous with the key phrase "one-world government".

And Glenn Beck had been reading into stuff like that as early as Fall, 2006. He stated on his radio show that he was getting confused. He stated that he would comment on the subject (the four great coal powers of Wall Street and etc.) when he felt he was ready. So this brings me to a very interesting observation relevant to my own endeavors here in Montana.

I have been calling into talk-radio shows here in Gallatin Valley for over four years, and I've tried every way I know to convince talk-show hosts to let me get on their shows and share this amazing knowledge with the citizens of Gallatin Valley and Bozeman. For the most part, I am ridiculed right up front. I have been cut off the show by three KMMS talk-radio show hosts. (Clint-the-Younger, Dave Johnston, and "Rick" of Saturday Soapbox.) A fourth cut-off happened at a very crucial moment, but was claimed by the show host to have been an accidental disconnect of my line. We'll not count that one. But the others were blunt cut-offs in which the show host simply could not stand for my message to go out over the airwaves on his show and therefore booted me off the show(s) with finality. Another show host, Tammy Hall, has a knack for turning my calls away from the point I state under the "dizzy blonde moment" ruse, which I think most folks easily see through.

To their credit, I will acknowledge at this time that a few talk-show hosts working at KMMS in Bozeman, Montana, are and have been willing to allow me to get in several minutes of quickly-paced disclosures on various liberty-related topics, such as jury nullification, governmental drug-smuggling, CIA money-laundering, FBI surveillance using known terrorists as informants, and etc. Two shows on KMMS will actually allow me to discuss "conspiracy theories" and "False-Flag terror events" as used by governments.

Why all the dodges and denials and the outright shut-outs by people whose voices help shape Gallatin Valley consciousness? Am I trying to get their listeners to believe in ghosts or something? They don't want to hear about Bohemian Grove, or about building number WTC-7, or the amazing package of lies called the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of JFK. They do not want to hear about the CFR or the Trilateral Commission. They do not want to hear about the Amero, or the North American Union, or the Security and Prosperity Partnership, or the NAFTA Super-Highway, or the debt-based fractional-reserve banking practices of the Federal Reserve System, Inc.

In other words, most local talk radio show hosts on KMMS AM, 1450 on your dial, do not enjoy looking into any evidence which would support my "conspiracy theory". It has been a long uphill battle for me. And it's not just my battle. Other good folks here in this area of Montana have been trying to get this word out for more than fifteen years, and they have been getting the same results as have I. Some of those unsung heroes include Clinton Cain, Sean, Pete, Steve, Leita, Con, Maxim, Bill, and others. They call in, try to get their message out to the show's listeners, and get way-laid or run-out or cut off. I've taken a new approach in recent years - I've announced repeatedly on various shows that it is my intention to become known as this valley's most avid conspiracy theorist. This has humored several of the local talk-show hosts, and I've gained some extra minutes' grace when good-natured show hosts have let me run with my message for some minutes.

I have recorded a number of my calls into KMMS talk-radio shows. I also recorded Ilo Jones of FIJA when she appeared on Jennifer Bordy's "Law Talk" radio show.


Harking back, I wished to note that on August 02, 2007, Glenn Beck described his meeting of August 01, 2007, with the President at the White House. Mr. Beck noted for his listeners that the President confided to him and his co-guests from the media some very powerful secrets. Beck was impressed with the President's presence of mind and depth of character as Bush reaffirmed his deep and abiding concern for every single troop in the military today. Beck then told us that the President asked the journalists present to keep the information he had shared with them "secret".  Glenn Beck noted that all he could really say was that he (Beck) "had been right all along" - and I am only guessing, of course, but I'd say that Beck was alluding to the "Iran is the Head of the Snake" message which Beck has stressed over and over again on his show. Beck now thinks for sure that Bush's foreign policy with Iraq is totally the right thing to do, for reasons which the President cannot dare explain to the American people. We are, according to Beck, simply required to "trust" the President. And to trust Beck too, I suppose. :)


Post made to TCF on August 03, 2007:




[quote author=Shrike link=topic=14900.msg195903#msg195903 date=1186116848]

Rupert Murdock must be cracking his ribs from laughing over how easy his job is.

We'll likely never know the truth about 9/11, but I'm convinced of one thing, the truth has yet to be presented to us.




Heh! You're so right, Shrike.

This is for Shrike, and F-42. (Glad to see you again, old friend!) and for the "universal moderator", whoever that may be:

Shrike, let us know that some of us know how it works, and for us the need to awaken our neighbors seems to be acute and unavoidable. We try and try to get people to wake up and see what is behind the curtain. Because we care enough to try, we get a face-full of insults hurled by ignorant know-it-alls. Once every now and then we encounter a brother-in-arms who also is awake and who also [i]knows[/i]. I know what you're seeing, and you know exactly what I'm seeing - and we both love our country enough to risk everything to expose the problem, to define it to all Americans as best as we can. For that we are ridiculed by somnambulists who dream their superiority and project their ignorance with disrespect and rudeness. And when they are called out for being that way to people who actually know what happened on 9/11, they pervert and twist everything we've said while avoiding the questions we pose. Look at that new dude Jiminy - not one topic of interest which I listed for him did he address in his reply to me. Their ignorance unconsciously flourishes in childish reactionism and psychological impotence, and they prate and brag to each other in liars' lairs such as this:


There, away from this board, they stroke each other's egos and cheer each other onward. And while they're at it, I get the word from the "universal moderator" here to leave Mr. Bucctoo alone.

I'm gonna share this little bit with you and then I'm gonna personally limit myself at these boards for a while. I trust the universal moderator will permit an old soul here to leave off one last lament, yes?

Back in 1999 I first discovered the writings of Claire Wolfe. I was totally ignorant about what is happening in America when I first went to Wolfe's Lodge, and by reading her writings, and some of Sunni Maravillosa's and Don Lobo Tiggre's and Wendy McElroy's and Carl Watner's, and then J.J. Johnson's over at the Sierra Times, I began the long journey out of my ignorance and denial and the common American sleep-state. I committed myself to discovering the truth about how America was losing its traditional character, and I noticed soon enough that our problems were coming from "within".

That surprised me. I had lived with my head in the sand for decades. Claire Wolfe was a huge wake-up call for me, and I accepted that call gladly and without reservations. I devoted my life to the fight for liberty then and there. I took my interpretation of Claire's vision to heart and vowed to myself that I would live my life as an outlaw on behalf of liberty. I did not know at that time that some years later she would honor me on the dedication page of The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook - an honor which I'll always cherish.

I am not at all embarrassed that I chose the outlaw's life. I started trying to teach myself how to "write". I am not trained to write, and I never completed college, and to this day I've never published anything. Still, I write every day in hopes of helping in some way. I'm a slow-minded old guy, and getting slower day by day as I continue to age. I don't have a lot of energy as I once did, and my time flies by too fast each time I try to compose a post for these boards. I just try to do as much as I can day by day, and some days it's not much. I work a part-time job to pay my bills, and I stay broke as all get-out most all the time. What money I have I spend quickly on liberty projects and on my research projects, and then I hit the pawn shop before next payday for gas money to make it through another week. I ain't bitching, as I'm in this shape by choice and I'm glad I made that choice. I'm just explaining how things fit together in my life and in my heart and in my mind.

Back then, Claire had left Wolfe's Lodge and had gone underground. I was very paranoid in 1999, and her going away from her own website honed my paranoia, lol, and when I realized how acute the problem in America was, I closed my retail store and went underground and off the grid so I could help fight for liberty. I had already quit paying the Federal income tax, and I next gave up my bank accounts and my credit cards and my insurance. I quit doing anything which required a Social Security number. I settled as best as I could with my partner in that store, and left for Montana, where I figured the mountainous countryside would be an advantage for an old rebel like myself, and I also figured the sparse population would be an asset. That turned out to be a good move.

Sometime after arriving in Montana I went to Debra's website to locate a Claire Wolfe article. While there, I noticed that Debra had a message board which was interrupted between each click by a commercial pop-up, and I read a note there which Debra had posted. That note by Debra lamented that one day she hoped to have a message board for The Claire Files that did not have to have pop-ups. I offered then and there to furnish her with that kind of message board.

My own webmaster, a guy named Bark, agreed to build that site for me as soon as Claire had responded to my offer. He did it, after I asked him to read a lot of Claire's stuff, and I paid the cash for it. I, and ladylearning, paid the cash for the site the next year. I paid Bark by furnishing him a place to live in my rented house. And other, uhm, [i]benefits[/i]. (Bark was as much an outlaw as myself.) During the following year, Bark got cancer and died. I was not knowledgeable enough to run the boards myself, and my money was getting slimmer, so I had to finally drop the expense for the boards into the laps of Debra and Claire themselves, after two years in which I and my group had paid for the site.

With the help of Bill St.Clair, Debra and Claire saved the message boards, and Bill St.Clair got it up and running as my sites were going down. Other things have happened since then, and I've not mentioned some things to the boards here, but some things have taken me further from my customary capabilities. I can't do as much each day as I used to do. I have to live with that, and it probably contributes to my noticeable impatience with naysayers and apologists for the State. I see such people as hindrances to the general learning curve of the public, and I fear myself that we don't have enough time left in which to save our liberty as Americans. The irony strikes me as surreal. Some people who register at Claire Wolfe's and Debra's boards in the name of liberty will steadfastly insist that the government story of 9/11 is true, even though every damned decade of American history has revealed an intent by and action of U.S. Presidents to lie to the people. And when some of us try to show them the bitter truth, they parry this way and that and try every evasive trick in the book to distract readers from the truth. Bucctoo can say I post "tons of bullshit", and cannot bring up one thing I've said which is wrong, and when I come down on his insolent ass for being that disrespectful and insulting I get a note from the universal moderator to lay off his sorry ass.

When bucctoo reads any of my posts, he is bound to notice that my member number here is "2". Bark's number is "1". Bark and I brought these boards into existence back in 2003, and we furnished the work and the money for TCF's boards for the first two years, as best as I can recall now. We did it because we loved Debra's idea about collecting up all of Claire's writings into one place, and because we loved Claire's writings. Claire is the finest, clearest liberty-writer going these days, and her voice rings true to the inner workings of every reader's soul. I would do anything to be helpful for her work, and have done all I could as the years have gone by. I only wish I could have done more. None of that means doodly squat to bucctoo and his ilk.

I had Administration status during the first couple of years, and after I handed the boards over to Debra and Claire, at some point I asked to be relieved of Administration status. My request was granted. I have not been in any position of authority around here for quite some time now. It's a damn good thing.....

As the member numbers here have swelled through the years, there have predictably been some undesirable people show up now and then. There have also been a lot of very fine people drop in here and leave some well-composed treasures of intelligence and wisdom while they tarried among us. And there have been a few pompous idiots like bucctoo and his buddy Ochlan, who talk the talk now and then but who show their true colors by disrespecting the very people who made this forum possible for their ilk to desecrate.

Even that doesn't bother me. I enjoy, in a salty kind of way, taking to task such idiots and making them eat their own stupid words. Case in point is Bucctoo's most recent reply on this thread. I think that he actually thinks he has fulfilled my challenge to him on this very thread, but as all can easily see, he failed to do so. I enjoy exposing such blindness for other readers to see, because it shows the vivid contrast between those who know and those who merely think they know. Faulty logic and perverted twists of other people's words mark the ignorant from those who know the truth. Another ploy is shown now by Jiminy, who has put a flourish of words in my mouth which I did not say. Check that out in his previous post above.

The presence of such ego-ridden idiots merely reveals the denial which drives government apologists. Were I free to do so, I'd take bucctoo's last post here apart and dissect it and shove it back down his throat whence it came, where it could rot in the acids of denial which must wrack his innards. But that is not to be, for I'm now asked by someone I don't even know to leave his delicate ass alone. And I have sent back my word that I'd do just that. Well, that's a pisser to this old dude who caused these very boards to come into existence. It says a lot about a lot of things. But I accept that, for I must consider:

It could be that I've grown crazy in my old age. That's very possible. But one thing is certain. My presence here is obviously a threat to the peaceful running of the boards, and my predilection for "conspiracy theories" is not really appreciated here except by a few other oddballs like myself, and we are certainly in the minority. I am probably an embarrassment to Claire and to Debra, neither of whom share my particular take on American history and the threads of conspiracy which permeate that history. Be that as it may, I at least have toiled and wrestled through an amazing volume of obscure American history, if for no other reason than my intuitive understanding that he who does not know his history is condemned to repeat it.

I'd leave now, but I promised to complete my conspiracy theory thread for Debra's and Claire's posterity, sorta as my given legacy for these boards, and despite all the naysayers on earth, I stand firmly convinced that the truth of 9/11 shall come out in no un-certain terms, and the plot shall be revealed at some time in the coming years. Truth always comes out. At that time we shall all come to know that certain people inside seats of government offices and Wall Street offices actually did conspire to attack this nation on 9/11, and did carry out those attacks while setting up the 19 stooges from al Qaeda, which the CIA got into the country over the objections of Consulate managers, to take the blame for it. We shall all come to see how General Richard Myers and General Ralph Eberhard played key roles. We shall come to see how Marion Bowman, Michael Maltbie, and David Frasca at the FBI played key roles in the attacks. We shall come to see the role played in the cover-up by people like Jamie Gorelick and Thomas Kean and Jerome Hauer. We shall come to know who called Giuiliani that morning and told him that the WTC was going to collapse before it did. We shall come to see what Marvin Bush did to facilitate the collapses long before 9/11. We shall learn much about Larry Silverstein and his international connections. We shall also come to learn what role was played by Dick Cheney and his PNAC and the Rand Corporation and the CFR. These are a few generalized predictions I'd like to make here and now on this dated thread, which I'll "save page as" as soon as I post this. Time will tell much, and when it does, I want to be on record here with dated posts which will show clearly what I was attempting to do for TCF and all readers here. And I want the immortal genius of bucctoo and others like him to be preserved for future viewing. :)

And then I'm going to be done with post-making at these good old boards, except for however many posts it takes me to complete the Conspiracy Theory threads, Parts I, II, and III. But I am confining myself, at my own wish, to those threads, from now on, and when I complete those threads I'm going to volunteer to Debra and Claire to either leave or to stay, whichever they may wish me to do. Since I started these boards, I've never asked for any special consideration. I'm not asking for any now. The universal moderator who asked me to lay off bucctoo this evening shall have my cooperation. Those people, the "universal moderators", whoever they are, do a good job of keeping things here running as smoothly as message boards on the Internet can. I do not know who are moderators here, and I do not wish to even ask. But I will comply with which ever one asked me to back off bucctoo this evening, and I respect him/her for giving me that command.

I am not going to be run off from the boards I helped create years ago by some young rude and insensitive and disrespectful idiots, but I do now affirm that I shall limit my presence at these boards to the Conspiracy Theory threads which I have started and the one remaining one which I'll start soon enough. I take this approach because I do not wish to be insulted further with no way to answer back in my accustomed style - and also because I do not wish to insult Debra and Claire with my head-strong stance on the government's lies about 9/11.

Shrike, hangman, F-42, and other conspiracy theorists, please accompany me over to the safe grounds at the Conspiracy Theory II thread, here:


Maybe y'all can help me get that old thread finished, eh? :)


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Writing August 03, 2007

Willow Creek



In October of 2004 I began my sojourn into the world of "conspiracy theory", here at this board. The link for my first Conspiracy Theory thread here at TCF is:


Lately, here in early August of 2007, almost three years after I initiated my discussion of conspiracy theories at TCF, I have noticed a number of post-makers who are repeating a general statement which goes somewhat like this: "What does it matter who attacked this nation on 9/11, since the government is using those attacks to deprive Americans of more of their liberties. It doesn't matter who did the attacks, the results are the same as they would be if the government planned and carried out the attacks or if a band of criminals planned and carried out the attacks or if the al Qaeda and/or groups of radical fundamentalist Jihadists planned and carried out the attacks. The result is still that we are faced with losing more and more of our liberties, and that is the most important thing we must consider now. The attacks are over. Let's move forward and do what we can do to prevent the further loss of our liberties."

Here is one example:

"It doesn't matter to me anymore if the gov't knew the attacks on 9/11 were coming and did nothing, or if they were active participants. The end result is the same, they used the situations to their advantage and further trampled our freedoms."

[ http://www.tcftalk.com/clairefiles/index.php?topic=14900.45  link good as of August 04, 2007 ]

Here we have a person who is willing to let the people who attacked this nation on 9/11 not only go undiscovered, but is willing to let those who attacked us on 9/11 also go unpunished. She says it just doesn't matter. I think it does matter. In fact, I think identifying the guilty mass-murderers and bringing them to justice is likely the singularly most important thing we as Americans can do at this point in our history.

It is important to show good reason why we must discover the names of the criminals behind the attacks of 9/11. We also must discover the agencies involved, the businesses involved,  banks that were involved or used, news-media people who were involved, Intelligence agencies which were involved or used, military agencies used and personnel who were involved, foreign agencies and foreign government people involved, foreign assets used, domestic and foreign criminal assets used,  and etc.

We also must discover the motive(s). We must also expose the details of the plan itself, and see how it came into being. And we must discover the purpose of the attacks of 9/11. We need to learn why these attacks were planned, who would benefit from the attacks, what goals could be accomplished if the attacks were carried out successfully.

All such things, and more, are very important for us to learn, to discover, to understand, and finally to realize fully in our conscious minds, both as individuals and as a society in the whole.

Because there now appears to be in the quote-unquote "liberty movement"  a number of  good folks who would ask why I would make that statement, I would like to bring forward here now several lesser reasons why I would say that, and three extreme primary reasons why I say forcefully that it is very important for us to solve the crime by naming the criminals (or as many as we can) and exposing how they did it,  and learning why they did it.

In more than forty pages of posts here at TCF I have labored and invested countless hours in an on-going effort to connect the dots, to make sense of peak events of American history, to see if there are any discernable patterns in events which often appear to be unrelated to overall drifts and directions in America's history. I have gone way back in time, and even have looked back as far as Plato's Critias. I have focused briefly on the Court of Queen Elizabeth the First and her courtiers such as Lord Bacon and Dr. John Dee. I have looked at the pro-British New England Tories of our Revolutionary War era, before and after.  I have looked at the first half of the 19th Century and explored gently into the legacy of Judah Benjamin, August Belmont, James Bullock, John Slidell, and General Albert Pike.  In recent times I have begun studying the latter part of the 19th Century, but am not prepared yet to enter that segment into this discussion.  I have looked at Sir Cecil Rhodes and his Round Table Groups, from which came the RIIA and the CFR and the "policy" used by Woodrow Wilson and Wall Street. I am preparing presently to do much more deeply into the shrouded legacy of FDR. I have looked at the international financial drive to consolidate financial power into a world government power in the hands and control of a very few families of elite financiers.  I have looked into false-flag events such as the Maine, the Lusitania,  Pearl Harbor, and the Gulf of Tonkin. I have noted anomalies surrounding the four centerpiece "terrorist events" on U.S. soil. But I am not a scholar, and I am not an authority on anything other than gold sculpture and certain spiritual matters, neither of which I have dwelt upon here at TCF. I am just one little guy, one father of grown kids, one ex-businessman, one "un-employed poet", one more aging war veteran who, as Steve Mason so accurately put it in one of his poems, found out "too late whom I really served". I am one little guy who cares.

Aside from that, I have nothing about which to brag, and I am content with declaring honestly that I am not an "authority" on much of anything. I am here, and I am writing as best as I can, because I care about a lost country called America. I do not have the answers, but I have an interest in digging up the answers which lie buried in the suppressed accountings of history which the Internet and published books and filmed documentaries now afford any little guy like myself. In part, my mistake has been to presume that people who frequent TCF's boards are interested in discovering the truth behind the encroachment of the Police State. I now realize that some here are interested in exactly the opposite, and others are interested in personal agendas and self-aggrandizement and preferred delusions of freedom, and even a few are interested in making sure that no serious discussion of history and its imparted implications shall occur here without a maze of distraction and mis-direction. Be all that as it may, I am prepared mentally to go forward with my work here, ever learning, ever honing my skills in diverting the barbs cast and the distractions launched, and ever improving my tolerance to and detachment from attacks sourcing from simple egoism to governmental psy-ops intrusion. I do understand that I must overcome such nefarious activities by screen-names and focus on sharing what I continue to discover in my personal style of study. I get embarrassed at times when I come to my senses after a joust with idiocy and see that I allowed myself to be drawn into pettiness.  I must return from that sort of consciousness to the clarity in which I try to contribute something of value to the liberty movement. I am trying to teach myself to be patient with those who disagree. So let us now look yet once again into more important matters.

One thing we can agree on: After the fall of the Soviet Union, a rash of "terrorist" events of record-breaking scope began to occur. In the USA we had, within two years of the fall of the USSR, the debacle at Ruby Ridge, the travesty at Waco, and the first bombing of the WTC in New York. Within four years of the fall of the USSR, we had the Oklahoma City bombing. Accompanying that influx of major "government events" and "terrorist events" is the fact that in 1991, as the USSR was on its way down, the Bilderberg group invited George Herbert Walker Bush's old cocaine-dealing buddy from Arkansas to attend the 1991 Bilderberg meeting, where William Jefferson Clinton was groomed finally for the Democratic Party's Presidential candidacy. Clinton was barely in office when Ruby Ridge broke. That was followed quickly by the massacre of that church full of women and children in Waco, Texas and the FBI's fiasco at the 1993 bombing of the WTC. And by Spring of 1995 we took the full frontal shock of the bombing at Oklahoma City.

By 1996 the major anti-terrorism bill which Clinton could not get through Congress prior to the Oklahoma City bombing was rushed through Congress and signed into law. We know it as the:

Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996

The very agencies which were using agents-provocateur and criminal informants and madmen who were under FBI and/or CIA surveillance were granted new Police State powers and fatter budgets. All of what I've just said is of course a matter of known history and is easily resourced; it's public knowledge as well. Many here already know how to fill in the blanks as I'm skimming lightly across the width and breadth of our history during the first half of the 1990s. But most people in the public domain do not connect such dots, because they have not been taught how to do that. Instead, the fruits of Feducation seem to have mesmerized their focused attention with distractions and meaningless worries, myriad and varied in scope. Hence the purpose before us now.

I mention this because whoever attacked America on 9/11/2001 has never been caught.

Think about that. If it truly was Osama bin Laden and his infamous "Al Qaeda", why have we not captured him and brought him and his gang of terrorists to justice?  The criminals who conspired to deliver the attacks of 9/11 are guilty of murdering almost three thousand innocent victims in a major act of terrorism.  If Osama bin Laden is indeed responsible for that, should we not have already captured him and brought him to justice? As long as he is not "caught", what may we say of him? One thing we may say about that is that if he remains free (and alive today) he may at any time choose to strike us again in as hideous a manner as he is accused of doing on 9/11. Maybe worse. 

The government says Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda did it. But the government not only has failed for nearly six years to capture Osama bin Laden, the government has failed to show the world any proof that Osama bin Laden and/or al Qaeda did the attacks without assistance from elements within the U.S. Federal government. The Taliban, recall, agreed to turn bin Laden over to the U.S. if the U.S. would kindly show the evidence which indicated bin Laden's guilt for the crimes of 9/11. The U.S. government either would not or could not show any evidence - but had the U.S. government done so, bin Laden would have been in U.S. custody by early October, 2001.  Why was this not done?  No one will say.

Complying with a sovereign nation's governmental request for grounds upon which it should turn over someone in its country to the U.S. for alleged criminal acts would be a simple thing to do if the U.S. government had any proof that bin Laden was involved in 9/11. But the U.S. government, while loudly and widely asserting that bin Laden was involved, somehow found reason to not share the actual proof of bin Laden's guilt with the government which promised to deliver him to the U.S. authorities upon show of proper proof. Instead of that simple solution, the U.S. launched a military invasion of Afghanistan, costing countless lives and sustaining endless destruction. That could have been avoided had the U.S. simply shown the proof to back up its claims of bin Laden's complicity in the crimes of 9/11.

Making matters surrounding this observation even worse, the U.S. government, for reasons no one on earth can possibly explain, has also managed to allow bin Laden to escape from capture at least three times since 9/11/2001.

Exposing that is none other than the CIA's chief of operations for Operation Jawbreaker, which is the code name for the U.S. Intelligence community's invasion of Afghanistan in October of 2001. His name is Gary Berntsen. I found out about Gary Berntsen by viewing a wonderful film entitled "911 Press For Truth", on which Berntsen's attorney explains why Berntsen chose to retire two years early from his career in CIA to publish his book.  This courageous CIA commander, who was first on the ground in Afghanistan to capture bin Laden, came face to face with some power higher than his commissioned power as leader of the invasion of Afghanistan in the quest to capture Osama bin Laden. He became keenly frustrated when General Tommy Franks, commander of CENTCOM, refused for days on end to furnish Berntsen with a battalion of U.S. troops to seal the one remaining escape-route available to bin Laden after Berntsen's men had surrounded bin Laden on three sides at Tora Bora.  General Franks and CENTCOM made the decision to deny Berntsen's request for a battalion of troops to be placed on the east side of Tora Bora, even though twelve hundred U.S. Marines were within sixty miles of Tora Bora at the time, and those Marines were not involved in any ground maneuvers. This is quite amazing behavior by a government which had vowed to capture Osama bin Laden and which had even been willing to invade a sovereign nation-state without a Constitutionally-required declaration of war  to do so.

That, in fact, is one of two major situations which plausibly grant little people like me and any other American citizen the right to ask questions about this whole government story about 9/11.

The other related situation is also exposed in Gary Berntsen's amazing book, Jawbreaker.  That situation is the accounting of the massive airlift of al Qaeda and Taliban soldiers from Konduz, Afghanistan, to safety in Pakistan.

Yes, you read that right.  As Seymore Hersch put it, at a time in which every square inch of airspace over Afghanistan was under total U.S. control, a series of night-time flights from Konduz to Pakistan occurred. Hersch stated that this decision had to go to the level of the White House itself. Various statesmen are on film (911 Press For Truth) saying that this had to be a top-level decision going to the level of the highest U.S. authority, and I agree.  Repeatedly the troops would muster at the tarmac and board airplanes to be flown to safety while the U.S. military had Konduz surrounded. They were trapped, and suddenly a series of flights arrived, landed, on-loaded thousands of Taliban and al Qaeda troops, and took off for Pakistan. I said "thousands", and that is now verified. Thousands of them were airlifted out of the grasp of the surrounding U.S. military and delivered to safety in Pakistan. That could not happen unless someone at the top of the U.S. chain of command ordered it to happen.

Well, I had heard about this amazing airlift of thousands of enemy soldiers years ago by viewing an Alex Jones film. Since Alex is an exuberant mentality, I took that with a grain of salt, until it came out in Berntsen's book.  Remember now, Berntsen was the CIA's commander of ground actions in the invasion of Afghanistan right after 9/11. He says in his book that this happened. So that made two instances in which I heard about this. The third instance happened this way.

While listening to KMMS on my radio one afternoon (March 08, 2007) here in Bozeman, the talk-show host, one Henry Kriegel, had as his special guest the Fox News Pentagon correspondent.  That would be Maj. Gen. Paul Valleley. When I heard this Pentagon General on the show, I called into the show with two questions for him to answer. I did not think he would actually answer the questions honestly, but I wanted to get him on record as evading the questions. I was surprised when he candidly admitted the correct answers to my questions.

I asked him if it was true that bin Laden was allowed to escape from Tora Bora. He said yes, that was true.

I asked him if it was true that the U.S. military allowed thousands of Taliban and al Qaeda soldiers/fighters to be airlifted out of the surrounded city of Konduz. He said yes, that was true. He said this over the air on KMMS 1450 AM on Henry Kriegel's "Open Range" talk-radio show on March 08, 2007. He is not a "conspiracy theorist" - he is a Major General at the Pentagon and the Pentagon consultant to Fox News.  His answers to my questions are now on public record.

So back to the point here. Should we not expect our government to capture the guilty parties who conspired to commit the acts of terror on 9/11/2001? If George Walker Bush swore publicly to capture Osama bin Laden while launching his infamous "War on Terror", should he not do everything in his power as CEO of the U.S. military and the head of the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal government to catch the leader of al Qaeda, whom President Bush has declared masterminded the attacks of 9/11?

If so, why on earth has the U.S. not captured or killed Osama bin Laden? And why on earth would General Ralph Eberhard state, on film (911 Press For Truth)  that "...the goal has never been to capture bin Laden"?

Of course, something is not right here. As a former Marine and Vietnam veteran, I am keenly aware of what can happen when corruption creeps into the wicked little minds of politicians and the arms-industry-interests' go-to boys in uniform at the Pentagon.  Ten years of merciless ground war in Vietnam proved afterwards to be for nothing other than corporate interests.  Korea has proved to be for nothing other than corporate interests for half a century.  Gulf War I proved to be for nothing other than corporate interests. And the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have now proved to be for nothing other than corporate interests. Because of such observations, afforded only after the dust of present endeavors settles to clear the air long afterward, we are perfectly entitled, as citizens, to ask such questions. The refusal of our government to answer our questions serves only to feed the ever-growing quest of citizens who are forced to think about "conspiracy theories".

What in the hell is going on here? Who does the government think it is fooling with this sort of madness? Where is "justice"? What is the government covering up, and for whom? Why does this government refuse to capture or kill Osama bin Laden? Why do some people at TCF claim that it doesn't matter that we find out who is responsible for the attacks of 9/11?

Everything that has happened in the U.S. Federal government since 9/11/2001 is based on the government's story about what happened on 9/11/2001.  And the official government's story about all that is simply not supportable with facts.

That is part of what this thread is all about. And that is why I have chosen the route of history as being necessary to gaining the most beneficial perspective from which to begin to understand what happened to us on 9/11. History is known to repeat itself so long as people do not learn from history. This thread, and the other two Conspiracy Theory threads here at TCF, is devoted to establishing that perspective.  It does matter who attacked this nation on 9/11/2001. The widows of 9/11 appreciate our efforts to investigate that crime which took their husbands on that day.


More very shortly.




Writing October 26, 2007, Willow Creek

On Thursday, October 25, 2007, Glenn Beck had as a guest on his radio show (called The Glenn Beck Program - for whatever reason, eh?) Mr. George Noorey (sp? Is it "Noory"?) of the nationally-huge Coast To Coast radio talk show.

At one point, Glenn, who had already stated emphatically several times that the "911 Truthers" are "dangerous people", asked George Noorey why he allowed those 911 Truthers on his program. Noorey  said something to the effect that he liked to give his listening audience alternative perspectives on a wide range of topics. Glenn then tried to get around that perfectly sound answer and railed even more about how dangerous the 911 Truthers are.  Noorey managed to get in several thoughtful comments, which I feel sure that a part of Glenn's audience picked up on. 

What came of that was the fact that Glenn Beck further entrenched himself into the "cover-up" crowd in the main stream media. Glenn Beck's stance on 911 Truth is deplorable, but to his credit he did allow George Noorey onto his show. I think he may have been surprised at his inability to control George Noorey on the topic of 911.



Writing October 30, 2007, Willow Creek, Montana

On October 30, 2007, Glenn Beck again admitted that Carroll Quigley has stated in Tragedy And Hope that there was a conspiracy but that the conspiracy, in recent decades, has become an open plan. Glenn Beck noted that Quigley indicated that "globalists" and "corporations" were involved in that conspiracy-turned-open-plan.

This mention by Glenn Beck of Carroll Quigley's observations and revelations regarding the conspiracy was the fourth or fifth time I've heard Glenn Beck use the name of Carroll Quigley. I'll note here that Beck has also mentioned the name of W. Cleon Skousen more than once. Skousen was fairly prolific, and worked in the vein of Barry Goldwater's perspective on the globalizing socialist bankers. Skousen wrote the finest review of Quigley's Tragedy And Hope. Skousen published that review as a book and entitled it The Naked Capitalist. Glenn Beck knows about that book, and has mentioned it by name on his national radio show.

Among other meanings which may be ascribed to, or related to, Glenn Beck's name-dropping habit is the fact that Glenn Beck has indicated that he has read, or at least knows about the existence of, both Tragedy And Hope and The Naked Capitalist. My question to readers here is simple - Why on earth would Glenn Beck be talking to his listening audience about Quigley and Skousen? Why?

Answering that question reveals much about our conspiracy theory. The first time I heard Glenn Beck mention Quigley was in 2006, and at that time Glenn Beck seemed to discount Quigley on the grounds that Quigley was after all a mentor of Bill Clinton's when Clinton was a student at Georgetown University. (It was Quigley and Senator Fulbright who recommended Clinton for a Rhodes Scholarship.) Glenn Beck felt, or, at least, seemed to me to feel, that because Quigley was a mentor to Bill Clinton Quigley was not credible. That was back in 2006.

But on October 30, 2007, Glenn Beck had a rather evolved and transformed perception of Quigley's Tragedy And Hope, as well he should. Better late than never.  On this date Glenn Beck suggested earnestly that his listeners read Quigley and take note of the powers which Quigley reveals. He also stated that Americans should read the U. S. Constitution and the writings of the Founding Fathers.




In mid-November Glenn Beck suggested to his radio audience and his call-in special guest, George Noory, that the 9/11 Truth movement was the most dangerous movement in America.  On a different show, later, he would read aloud a couple of hate-mail samples from his email inbox and use those blasts by undisciplined and/or irresponsible, totally disoriented, totally alienated mad freaks who've no better sense than to email threats to somnambulists like Glenn Beck, to associate the imagery of hate and pitiful reactionism with the good Americans who are now demanding the truth about what hit this nation on 9/11/2001.  Beck referred to us as "9/11 Truthers", by name so to speak. And repeated that we are the most dangerous people in America. 

This, from a man who has admitted knowing the existence of Tragedy And Hope and The Naked Capitalist.



Sunday, November 18, 2007

From noon to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 11, 2007, I seated myself in the studio of KMMS AM 1450 in Bozeman, Montana as a guest-host by invitation of Rein Gilstrup.  He was filling in for Tom Eaglehoff (sp?) on the "Open For Business" afternoon show.  Rein and I had a chance to offer listeners an alternate slant on the fine art of doing business in the USA today. And about who's giving the American people "the business".

Rein controlled the studio, operating the switchboard and the broadcast simultaneously, talking all the while and keeping the consciousness moving. I sat opposite him and enjoyed watching him operate in three mental arenas with only one mind to tie all together. I envy those talented people who can do this, and especially do I envy those who deliver well-composed segments of truth in clear language while juggling incoming calls and commercial breaks and the sound board and while also shuffling papers / books / pens and a water bottle. I would love to awaken some fine day and find myself at the helm of a show, metaphorizing it as a large but sleek sailing vessel, the pilot in the studio guiding her wake across the sea of mankind's collective consciousness - and in control over the flow of the mental stream which makes the show, which makes all talk radio a useful tool for grokking, for learning and seeing and understanding. For personal interactions via exchanged words. In such veins doth truth move about this world. I would love to be able to do that.

But of course a lot of other things aside from "truth" also move in such channels, in radio waves. In fact, were we to look into the matter, we'd learn quickly that talk-radio shows arose in popularity as a direct answer to the one-sided propaganda being issued over the air waves for prior decades unchecked.  Radio was being a great program instrument, and that which was being programmed was the collective consciousness of the American public. It was part of what lulled a nation into a quasi-sleep-state.

Such antics added to, and helped empower, television and the press and the entertainment media as all worked together to distract several generations of Americans. For a purpose...

Meanwhile, behind the American people's proverbial back, their corporate emperors on Wall Street and their pseudo-lords in Washington D.C. busily compromised the American economy by global hegemony backed by the U.S. military under an expensively-engineered guise of created "enemies" or "threats to the National Security". Almost all of that was shrewdly wrapped in a cloak of  secrecy woven of various veils concealing motives which could not face the light of day in public awareness. Economic, cultural, and military influence were used silently around the world in developing nations just as illustrated in John Perkins'  Confessions Of An Economic Hitman.

And that binge of international aggression was accompanied by a cultural warping around the world as America exported Hollywood and pushed a tri-barbed addiction called "convenience, creature comfort, and constitutional concession" to a hapless, hypnotized, and sufficiently-harried world which itself was falling prey to television and radio and the press/media. The imagery of faster cars and cell phones - enhanced transportation and communications generally - would help tie up any frayed nerves into a bundled acceptance called necessity, and the invisible shackles of fascist-corporate slavery would become set like iron rings in the stone wall of survival. Force of government, complete up to and including nuclear and biological and chemical stockpiles with parallel genome experiments, weather-control, and nano-tech foibles of DARPA-esque philosophical suicide under a fictitious name like the Office of Total Information Awareness, would back up and enforce the corporate mandates , (our tethers, shackles, and chains), so long as the orders were issued through proper government channels and a compliant media. Can we say it isn't so? We cannot, for the argument is evidenced on the table before us now.

So this was my first, and possibly only ever, chance to get a bit of alternate perspective out there into the collective consciousness.  But as a guest-host I would bow to the flurry of professional performance rendered by Rein, and would be pleased if I could find some way to sandwich some of my thoughts into the pace set by Rein.  I leaned into the microphone and let my visual peripheries contract into a smaller orb of electric buzz extending but a couple of feet from the epicenter of the microphone itself and latched onto Rein's leading commentary. I felt ready to do this, even though I had never done it before. I did not let myself imagine what several thousand listeners might think, or how they might react. I just melted into the flow of Rein's dialogue.  Soon we were on our way into alternate perceptions of political and financial directions and trends.

Rein had collected some rather socialistic quotations by Hillary Clinton and brought them to the show as a multiple-choice quiz for the listeners.  The quotations reveal the hidden purpose behind Mrs. Clinton's philosophical politik.

(continued soon)


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Christmas message to the Administration of The Mental Militia forums, December 25, 2007 -

Okay, it's past time that I should tell you nice folks about something which has happened to me recently. Sometime in October of this year I made an application for inclusion as a member in a very small but powerful private-sector think tank which is trying to solve some of the mysteries of the 9/11/2001 attacks on America.

I was given the contact information for the group's committee which reviews applications and approves (or does not approve) said applications. Thus far, there are less than three hundred members nation-wide. The man who gave me the contact information and suggested I write a letter requesting acceptance is a Canadian named Greame MacQueen, Ph.D. You can see something of this man here:

http://patriotsquestion911.com/professors.html  His picture and a couple of comments are about a third of the way down that page.

I met him this past September 11, 2007, at a public showing of the film 911 Press For Truth, which played at the Emerson Cultural Center in downtown Bozeman, Montana. That venue is a strong pillar of Bozeman's society. The auditorium holds about four hundred seats, and for this showing the facility brought out folding chairs in the back of the auditorium to hold the over-flow of citizens wanting to see this film. The film showing was sponsored by a group from Montana State University, which is located here in Bozeman. The film they showed that evening is here:


Dr. MacQueen was brought in to participate in an open panel discussion of the film and of 9/11 after the screening. Two microphones were placed in the auditorium and members of the audience were invited to speak to the panel on stage with microphones. I lined up behind one microphone and awaited my turn to ask questions and make comments. That is how I met Dr. MacQueen. I obtained his email addy and wrote to him some weeks later, in October. I sent him to this article: http://www.thejeffersonrivergazette.com/911_Unplugged.htm

He rather liked it, and suggested that I apply for membership in Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, which is here:


The moon must have been in just the proper alignment with all the proper stars, or something, because that committee accepted my application for admittance into STJ911. 

I'm sure that there are other members there who are not college graduates, so I'm likely not the only "scholar" who is not a "scholar", lol. But primarily this group consists of Ph.D.s and other post-grad degrees and several published authors. So I am quite flattered to have been accepted by the committee.

Scholars for 911 Truth and Justice has a private message board for members only, and now that I am a member I can post there and read what a number of my personal heroes are posting there. It is remarkable to me that I can simply click on a member's name and send him or her a private message. I'm going to drop now a few STJ911 member names of people I'm dying to speak with.

As y'all know, I have long admired Dr. Steven E. Jones, formerly of Brigham Young University's Physics department. He is the nice gentleman who held up for C-SPAN's cameras the first known samples of thermate recovered from the rubble of the World Trade Center. Thermate is a highly-explosive patented demolition agent, military grade, an upgrade from standard thermite. Dr. Jones was shown nationwide four times on C-SPAN as he held that famous sample in a gloved hand before the cameras.


A tenured professor, he was stripped of his classes at BYU and "offered" an early retirement, since the University could not fire him but had to so something about him because of political pressures brought to bear after Dr. Jones went public with his physics. Dr. Jones is now a world-famous conspiracy theorist and is an honored  member of STJ911. And I now get to ponder just what I want to say to this gentleman by way of introducing myself to him.

Another giant in the 911 Truth movement who is a member in STJ911 is Professor David Ray Griffin. I have various videos of Dr. Griffin, mostly filmed by C-SPAN,  making speeches at Universities and special interest venues, and I have three of his books. David Ray Griffin has been professor of Philosophy of Religion at the Claremont School of Theology in California for over thirty years and has authored more than twenty books. He now has four published books which deal with 9/11. Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States, has a blurb in praise for Griffin on the back cover of Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor. Zinn says: "The most persuasive argument I have seen for further investigation of the Bush administration's relationship to that historic and troubling event."  The other two books by Griffin I possess here are Debunking 9/11 Debunking and The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions. I turn to Dr. Griffin's books often in my own research. Now I can simply click on his name in the STJ911 forum and talk with the man directly.

Other members include Richard Gage, member in the American Institute of Architects and the creator of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, at this website:


And Kevin Ryan, former employee of Underwriters Laboratories, which underwrote the steel used in the construction of the twin towers of the WTC, who's letter to the National Institute of Standards and Technology I re-published in the Conspiracy Theory II thread here over a year ago. That letter got him fired, and made him famous at the same time.

Another famous individual whom I greatly admire and appreciate is Barrie Zwicker, a Canadian television journalist with a lot of appeal here in the states. You can see him on the documentary film by Jimmy Walter, Confronting The Evidence. Google search result page for that is:


And there are others. Here is the members list:


Is that cool, or what?  I am so honored to be admitted into such a group that I'm still reeling emotionally over it. I have spent untold hours reading at their private message boards. I only began to post there about a week ago, and have only made six posts to date. Anything I post there can be read by the leading people of the 911 Truth movement. I keep reminding myself that I'm not as ignorant as a college drop-out might at times be seen to be, and that I deserve this tremendous "break" because of my unflinching devotion to my conviction that 911 was an inside job. What I have been able to do so far at their forum is to add a touch of hidden history as a means of establishing a "predisposition" of the PNAC neo-con crowd to utilize false-flag ops for the manipulation of public consciousness. As y'all know, that's where I have an "in" to the movement, something to contribute. But Dr. MacQueen especially liked my treatment of Bush's two public statements that he "saw on TV the first plane hitting the first tower", and how I used that to open the questions first posed by Michael C. Ruppert concerning the wargame drills of 9/11.

This weekend I had a long visit with one of the founders of STJ911 - Carl Weis, of Sedona, Arizona. Damn, he thinks I'm Tolstoy reincarnated, lol! Here is one of his activities:

http://www.sedonaobserver.com/who.html He is in the left-hand menu at the bottom of the page. Being the grassroots coordinator of 911 Truth dot org, he wants me to link TMM's forums and The Jefferson River Gazette to 911 Truth's Grassroots section. I hope all here will approve, so I'll ask the question now - how do each of ye say: yea or nay? Here is 911 Truth:

Some members from STJ911 have already lurked TMM's forums here. Others will soon be dropping by. I'm not sure, (Just guessing), but I think one or two may have registered here in the past week.

Some of you may cringe a bit at this news, while others here will share my joy immediately. Whatever your individual reaction to this news may be, I personally am thrilled and am hopeful that sooner or later all of us here, every last one of us, comes to see the tremendous blow for freedom we can be part of by doing our part in exposing the massive myth of 9/11 and the totally bogus War on Terror.

Dennis Kucinich has called publicly for a new investigation of 9/11. Naomi Wolf has just joined Patriots for 911 Truth, calling for a new investigation. In addition to Scholars for 911 Truth and Justice and AE911Truth, these few pages of grave Americans show that many people in good standing as citizens and soldiers are aware that there has been a massive coverup of the truth of 9/11 and that an independent investigation is called for.


A past President of Italy has said publicly that the CIA was involved in 9/11. The former governor of Minnesota is on film stating that same fact. It's coming out all over the place. Ron Paul himself is on several Alex Jones films, and is on Aaron Russo's America: Freedom to Fascism, and is on Michael C. Ruppert's film, Truth And Lies of 9/11. We've been right all along, and now the tide is turning in our favor. Secrets can't be kept forever, and the truth always outs. I'm proud to have dated posts right here on this forum showing that we have not been asleep at the wheel as America has been sabotaged from within. Cheney? Hell, Representative Kucinich has introduced impeachment proceedings against Cheney in Congress - HR333. Carl Weis is working with me right now on how we can get Kucinich to add Cheney's perjury to the 9/11 Commission as revealed by Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta's testimony. Weis thinks that should be the fourth count against Cheney and listed as count number 4 in addition to the three counts or charges Kucinich has filed. That will of course be tough, but it's not impossible that we can make that happen. If so, then the whole world would suddenly see the unraveling of the crimes of 9/11 - and - Ron Paul's campaign will launch to even higher orbits over the swirling confusions of the Clintons and Bushes and their evil ilk.

Awright, I'm quittin' now. Heck, it's Christmas morning, very early, and I should be working on my damned book, which is going to be left in the dust of reality if I don't get off my ass and get it done, lol!

Merry Christmas to all of ye, and thanks from the bottom of my heart to each of ye for all you've done here and elsewhere.

But damn! To think of it! Old Elias Alias can now talk one-on-one with David Ray Griffin! Holy Smokes!