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Floral   Cosmos




At the time, my lens was proximating the complete excessation of possiblilty,

as if it were an instant explosion,

an  entropic erosion

~ but a sudden one, happening, impossibly, now... ~

within the molecules of it's refined glassy powers.


I think my mind was so concentrated within it's moment that I allowed myself to mind my pleasure;

as if my mind might influence in some way the nature of the glass lens,

and so came meta to meet corpus at the nexus

of a corporeal lens embraced by a surreal lens, the lens of the mindful invisible eye,

and in the center of the dual focus, backed by a two-by tele-converter on a tripod,

an incredible and indefinable source of white light came from nothing sensible and,

when looked into intently, revealed visually the secret of infinity -

it was an endlessly, extensively, deep white light.

It's peripheries were electrically alive as it scored the center of this flower.

This light had to have come from atomic expulsion within the central fiber of the flower's stalk.

And the flower came of the light.

And the flower arced across the light with a triptych of graduating petals, whose juncture fused

a round bridge of stamen and pestle exuding an air-drenching burst of pollen,

giving one mind of the explosion of the universe into stars;

but in this example from micro-Nature, the galaxies were the magic stuffs of pollen clusters

emanating into a hovering etheric air which touched this inner sanctum of the flower's innocent form.

These three graduating petals divided the white light into six fields emitting from

a hidden center, it's center being behind the three-stemmed intersection of the petals,

and it's fields appeared to be like crystalizing meta-packets of light being absorbed

into un-beingness, succumbing to the onslaught of pastel color,

marrying material and meta beings

in a ceremony of celebrative beauty.

The flower had aliveness, and spoke of

Ida and Pingala

and the gunas three of everything

and the purity in primal being

and the total indifference of it all

by simply growing its innocent existence in the field before my house.

So, being the human being I am, I took it's damn picture.






Copyright Elias Alias 1999, 2007


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