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Honorable Chair, Judiciary Committee, Montana House of Representatives


 Lucky Guess


Tim Osman 

CIA Asset ~ Al Qaeda Asset ~ Wealthy Warrior ~ Willing Dupe ~ Globalist Pawn

photo courtesy Salon


Every time a little more of this leaks out to the public, government apologists rush to the media screens and airwaves, to headlines and magazines, in an effort to discount the core meaning of it. The Cheney-Bush Junta requires a consensus of belief which includes the denial of the fact that Osama bin Laden is a CIA asset. When Osama bin Laden began working for the CIA in the 1980s, his secret code name was Tim Osman. The two names are interchangeable, both being the names of one and the same man. There is naturally much confusion about Osama bin Laden's history with the CIA, but some things are known.

Osama's major "handlers" were primarily inside the Pakistani Inter-Services-Intelligence organization, called the ISI. The ISI is a Pakistani puppet of the CIA. The ISI provides "services" for the CIA and other intelligence agencies such as MI-6 and Mossad. It was largely through the ISI that the CIA funneled their financial and logistical and ordnance-munitions support to the Mujahedeen. And it was through the ISI that Osama bin Laden, aka Tim Osman, received the CIA's manuals for training the Mujahedeen in guerrilla warfare and anti-Communist Jihad. The U.S. government's official story regarding this special relationship between the CIA and the ISI is on one of the government's websites, here:


The government would have us believe that the ISI was acting almost entirely on its own volition, with little or no direction from CIA. But the truth is that the CIA funneled a wealth of training materials, armaments, cash, and various supplies to the Mujahedeen through the ISI.

I have archived an already-archived article which was published on September 19, 2001, eight days after the attacks of 9/11, which is completely verifiable from various sources that are available to anyone - and this article flat-out contradicts what the reader has just read at the government's website. Please read this article , entitled How the CIA created Osama bin Laden, by Norm Dixon, in the Addendum section for future reference. 

In doing that the CIA used the ISI as an asset, just as any American might use a bank's checking account service for paying one's bills. The reality is that the CIA trained, armed, and equipped the Mujahedeen using foreign governments, foreign Intelligence agencies, and, primarily, the Pakistani ISI itself, to transfer the money, materials, weaponry, and etc. to the Mujahedeen.  How then, we must ask, can the U.S. government deny that the CIA created the Mujahedeen, which later would morph into al Qaeda? We must remember Zbigniew Brzezinski's and President Carter's strategy in luring the USSR into a military action in Afghanistan back in 1979 - which included the turn-about guerrilla funding by CIA designed to do to the USSR what the USSR had done to the USA when the USSR funded the Viet Cong and NVA operations against us in our war in Vietnam.

Brzezinski said this, and has verified it in recent times via a published interview, portions of which I've included in a previous letter to the Committee. Brzezinski knew the possibilities of financing a guerrilla war against the USSR by proxy, by creating and funding the Mujahedeen, even as far back in time as mid-1979 when he was President Carter's National Security Adviser. By inserting the CIA into Afghanistan in mid-1979 Carter and Brzezinski lured the USSR into a uniformed invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, where the USSR would face a guerrilla force secretly armed and financed by the CIA. The ISI was the CIA's conduit, and having such a conduit provided the CIA and the U.S. government "plausible deniability". As Victor Marchetti and Bob Woodward have demonstrated, a prime CIA objective in each commissioned covert operation must at all times protect the President by providing him with plausible deniability. (The failure to do that at the time of the Bay of Pigs fiasco caused Kennedy to fire the top three men at CIA, including DCI Allen Dulles, as noted in a previous letter to the Committee.)

Osama bin Laden used CIA-created manuals for Jihad in guerrilla training camps in Afghanistan, some of which were built by Osama bin Laden's family-operated construction business, a multi-billion dollar construction company named Saudi Bin Laden Construction. U.S. taxpayer dollars went into the financing of those guerrilla training camps in Afghanistan, which Clinton would later nuke with Monica Missiles, and the Saudi bin Laden family collected some of those dollars as profit.

Tim Osman's personal pilot was trained in the United States of America. His body guards were trained by a member of the United States Army's Special Forces, from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. The man who trained Osama's body guards was none other than Ali Mohammed, whom I have described extensively in another letter.  (Letter entitled "Surveillance") We should remember:

Ali Mohammed was also an FBI informant and provocateur, as well as having for some period of time been a CIA asset. Ali Mohammed also helped write the manuals for guerrilla warfare and Islamic Jihad, which were used by CIA and ISI to train Tim Osman and his Mujahedeen. Ali Mohammed also assisted Osama bin Laden in moving from Sudan to Afghanistan at the time then-President Bill Clinton declined Sudan's offer to hand bin Laden over to U.S. authorities. Like Tim Osman, Ali Mohammed worked for various U.S. Intelligence organizations and/or their subsidiaries. And despite the fact that Ali Mohammed confessed to the U.S. Justice Department during the trials of the planners of the Embassy bombings his role in the planning of the U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa for Osama bin Laden, he was given a secret sentence. Sentenced by a secret court under Janet Reno, Ali Mohammed was released from Federal prison in July, 2005, and is at large in America today. This cannot be over-stressed to the reader. The man is intimately involved with Osama bin Laden, is known to have trained terrorists in the U.S., was involved in the Oklahoma City bombing indirectly, and has been a CIA asset and an FBI "informant" as well as being in the U.S. Army's Special Forces at Fort Bragg. And the U.S. Justice Department has let the man out of prison (July, 2005) where he had been sentenced -with a secret sentence - for his role in the Embassy bombings in Africa. But back to his close pal, Tim Osman.

At the time the Mujahedeen was created, Tim Osman, aka Osama, had been directly and indirectly funded, staffed, trained, mobilized, supplied, assisted, armed and organized by the CIA. That was all part of Brzezinski's and President Carter's master plan. Somebody at the highest level of CIA had to know this, and that knowledge had to be made available to the President - or his close staff, perhaps his Vice President and/or his National Security Adviser or even someone in the Pentagon. Why Richard Clarke forgot to mention all this in his book remains a question for further scrutiny. The official Washington stance on all this is that the CIA did not work with Osama bin Laden. [EA - get online and "save page as" the gov site arty on this and insert link with teaser here]

The CIA was perhaps not the sole source of assistance for Tim Osman, (the government of Saudi Arabia was also a major financer of bin Laden's Mujahedeen, as we all know), but was certainly one of the more primary sources. Tim Osman was a feather in the CIA's hat, so to speak, for he was favored by the two most wealthy and powerful Houses in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi bin Laden family and the Saudi Royal Family. Remember, Carter's and Brzezinski's original plan was to covertly hand the USSR its own version of our Vietnam War. Enlisting, or causing the enlistment of, Osama bin Laden in the resistance to Soviet occupation of Afghanistan was an excellent recruitment coup. By discretely informing those two families of a subtle U.S. assistance to the anti-USSR Afghan/Mujahedeen guerrilla forces, much covert statecraft would ensue. In the CIA's secret guerrilla war against USSR troops in Afghanistan in the 1980s, having the name of the bin Laden family enlisted on the CIA's side was a political coup of great value. It paralleled the Russian/Chinese support of Ho Chi Minh and General Giap in North Vietnam's war against the invading Americans. The CIA in like fashion recruited and transported approximately thirty thousand Jihadist Muslim mercenaries from various Islamic nations to fight under the name of anti/USSR Jihad. Osama bin Laden, as the son of one of Saudi Arabia's most wealthy and influential families, was a windfall for CIA's design and plan.

(Recall, the CIA had built a clandestine, secret army of 36,000 imported mercenaries in Laos, Viet Nam, and China immediately after the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu in 1954, so the precedent for CIA's ability to field a large, clandestine guerrilla army is well established.)

The Mujahedeen was to become a guerrilla force fighting against the USSR. The government's favorite cover story about what happened later states that Osama bin Laden developed a personal problem with U.S. policy after the U.S. helped him boot the USSR out of Afghanistan - or, depending on which side of the ocean one dwells, after Osama bin Laden, aka Tim Osman, helped the U.S. kick the USSR out of Afghanistan.

That is the story sold to the American public by a complicit press and media. And, as with all conspiracy theories, there may be a germ of truth in it. But that story doesn't come clean in the wash of time, as we shall see. The CIA, being well versed in the manipulations of intelligence and counter-intelligence, in overt and covert operations, in mind control and mass hypnosis (otherwise known as "public relations" and "propaganda", including dis- and mis-information programs), in behavior modification, in the art of handling agents, double agents, and even triple agents, knows well how to use a belligerent asset. It is done by CIA "handlers" in a fashion similar to the way a lawyer might make use of a hostile witness in a court trial. The CIA is quite capable of using both sorts of assets - belligerent or compliant. Whether Osama is a belligerent asset of the CIA or a compliant asset of the CIA is a moot query - he is still a useful asset to the CIA. The reason is contained in the simple fact that the CIA is a store-house of "knowledge", and CIA uses that knowledge for its own purposes by transforming the data of knowledge into "power". Let us develop that notion a bit farther.

What the American public has not questioned, by and large, is the fact that whether Osama bin Laden "turned" against U.S. interests after the CIA used him to drive the USSR out of Afghanistan and into bankruptcy, or not, makes no difference to the abstract-juggling manipulators of secret/black Statecraft. The CIA can handily use Osama as friend or foe equally well, just as the FBI and ATF used their useful dupe, Tim McVeigh, as the patsy for their bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building. And thanks to the 1947 National Security Act which created CIA, the CIA is under no obligation to divulge any information to the public about the truth of their relationship with Osama bin Laden.

There are some interesting questions awaiting Osama bin Laden's capture, which, as of early 2007, has yet to be successfully achieved. Regarding that sad fact, one guess is that, possibly, the CIA is "saving" Osama bin Laden for at least "one more job", that being, possibly, the next "terrorist event" on U.S. soil, which we've been assured by the Bush 43 Administration is coming "not if, but when".

Further complicating my task in this collection of letters to the Committee is the fact that it is entirely possible that Osama bin Laden, aka Tim Osman, may have been dead for years and that the announcement of his possible death could have been withheld from the American people for other nefarious reasons. As long as the public thinks Osama bin Laden is alive and well in some cave on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border, his very name is useful to the secret government which presently runs U.S. foreign policy. In truth, and considering how uncomfortable this makes us feel, we must admit in the name of clear objectivity that neither the honorable Committee members nor I can know for a certainty that Osama bin Laden is alive in 2007. Neither can we know with certainty that he is dead; or in captivity under wraps. He is one of the most intensely protected world figures in history - a fact evidenced by his five years of successfully evading capture by the combined militaries and Intelligence communities of the civilized world, including the NRO, NATO, the NSA, and NASA. Amazing, that. And it is especially amazing when we consider this statement by General Richard "Dick" Myers: "Capturing Osama bin Laden has never been our chief priority." [For the actual Press Club film clip of that statement see Bibliography, Documentary Films, 911 Press For Truth.]

Also of huge importance is the published testimony of the head of CIA operations in eastern Afghanistan between mid-October, 2001 and early December, 2001. 1 That CIA chief is named Gary Berntsen. Mr. Berntsen retired two years early from the CIA in order to publish his personal account of the failed hunt for Osama bin Laden. With numerous CIA redactions (deletions from the manuscript prior to allowing the book to be published), Mr. Berntsen's book is entitled "Jawbreaker". It is the CIA's section chief's account of how the U.S. government allowed bin Laden and many of his al Qaeda operatives to escape from Tora Bora, Afghanistan in early December, 2001. Berntsen lays this directly at the feet of General Tommy Franks, commander of CENTCOM during the Afghanistan invasion by U.S. forces beginning in October, 2001. "Jawbreaker" was the umbrella code name for CIA's part in the invasion of Afghanistan in October-December, 2001.

(Berntsen, it should be noted here, makes it clear in his book that he believed fully that Osama bin Laden had attacked America on 911 with no help from individuals inside the Federal government or on Wall Street. I find that unfortunate in an otherwise very bright individual with high ranking within CIA.) 1

The official government story on all this runs true to government form, as various templates reveal when transposed over the Osama bin Laden case by previous cases such as Diem, Castro, Pinochet, Noriega, and Saddam Hussein - all of whom were willing puppets of the CIA, all of whom were empowered by the CIA, all of whom committed crimes on behalf of the CIA, and all of whom allegedly turned against the CIA. Tim Osman, empowered as a CIA asset, reverted back to Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda asset. Al Qaeda became an asset of the globalizing socialist bankers, who have long practiced the Hegelian principle of  "thesis; anti-thesis; and synthesis", which translates into English vernacular thusly: "problem, reaction, solution", as defined by Alex Jones and others with knowledge of Hegel.

What does the Hegelian principle, as used by the CIA and globalist planners, mean? That question is easy to answer. The Hegelian principle has been employed many times by various dictators and dictatorships, as well as by the American secret government and the British secret government, and as well by international organizations such as NATO, to create social, cultural, political, and governmental changes. A very famous case of the use of the Hegelian principle was Hitler's masterpiece, wherein he had the German parliament building, "The Reichstag", burned so that he could blame the "terrorist event" on the Communists and unite the German people behind his effort to defeat those dastardly Communist terrorists. The trick worked so well that the German people and their government forthrightly turned the government of the Republic of Germany over to Hitler in just the same way that the U.S. Congress has turned their powers over to the Executive branch, run by the "Cheney-Bush Junta", as Gore Vidal has called it, after 911.

Hegel gave us: "Problem, Reaction, Solution", as a system, as the template under which we might see corrupt individuals inside government literally create the Problem (Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, the Northwoods Document, acts of provocation and terrorism and etc.) to garner the desired public Reaction, and then step forward with the government's proposed Solution.

In the case of 911, it is an entirely-workable hypothesis to suggest that criminals inside our government created the attacks using a compartmentalized chain of command involved in war-game drills and nineteen or twenty willing dupes sent here by al Qaeda (and assisted in getting into our country and onto secure military installations by American Intelligence communities) to introduce the Problem, then used a compliant media to direct the focus of the public Reaction onto al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, and then stepped forward with a maze of Constitution-smashing anti-terror legislations to offer the American people as the ultimate Solution. Populations have been controlled in this way in history (Guy Fawkes) and in modern times.

But now let's look at something important about Osama bin Laden, aka Tim Osman, regarding 911.


Osama's "Guess"


Of the two following statements, one must be true and the other must be false. Which is true, and which is false, shall, upon final discovery, significantly contribute to processes which shall determine America's future.

Statement number one:

“Osama bin Laden did not know that Vice President Dick Cheney's war-game drills (consequence management exercises) would effectively disable the northeast air defense sector on the morning of 911.”

Statement number two:

“Osama bin Laden did know that Vice President Dick Cheney's war-game drills (consequence management exercises) would effectively disable the northeast air defense sector on the morning of 911.”

In truth, Osama bin Laden either did, or did not, know that there would be no air defense available to interdict multiple hijackings of commercial aircraft over the east-coast sector (NEADS - northeast air defense sector) on the morning of 911. It has to be one or the other. He either knew about the war-game drills - including many of those drills' specifics - or he did not know about them.

If Osama bin Laden did know that Vice President Dick Cheney's war-game drills would provide an unprecedented window of success for multiple hijackings on the morning of 911, we must immediately ask how Osama bin Laden knew that. (Most Americans, by the way, still do not know about those war-game drills even now, more than five years after 911.) Who, for example, inside Vice President Dick Cheney's chain of command, control, and communications regarding the consequence-management exercises (war-game drills) taking place on the morning of 911, had Osama bin Laden's phone number in his pocket and could have called Osama bin Laden to advise him of those drills? I state that in a succinctly ironic manner, but beside my humorous wording stands yet the reality that someone inside the chain of command, control and communications network would have had to leak that info to Osama bin Laden for Osama to have known about the war-game drills, a simple possibility which we all must see.

Obviously, unless someone leaked to bin Laden the fact that NEADS would be effectively shut down by ongoing war-game drills that morning, we are left with a grave fulfillment of a set of mathematical “coincidences” which are virtually impossible. The sheer weight of mathematical odds suggests to all logical minds that Osama bin Laden picked before-hand the time he would activate the multiple-hijacking plan (if indeed Osama knew about the war-game drills; and if indeed Osama bin Laden had anything to do with the planning and execution of the attacks of 911). And those same odds increase exponentially and with mach-5 acceleration when we try to assume that Osama's picking of the morning hours of 911 was mere coincidence. That is the government's official stance - the "coincidence theory". The government maintains that nobody inside the U.S. government aided or assisted al Qaeda's attacks in any way.

Yet we know that had Osama picked any other time, any other day, the attacks would have failed, would have been interdicted. Even the former number-three man in Tony Blair's Cabinet, the Honorable Member of Parliament Michael Meacher, has stated as much publicly. Another voice which will verify my statement comes from Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, the ex-fighter pilot who directed the Star Wars Anti-Missile Defense System under Presidents Ford and Carter. See Bibliography, Documentary Films, Alex Jones' Scholars Symposium in Los Angeles in June 2006 as filmed by C-SPAN.

If Osama bin Laden did not know that Vice President Dick Cheney's war-game drills would provide a window of success for attempted multiple hijackings on the morning of 911, we must marvel at the bell-ringing, staggering coincidence of his chanced picking of the morning of 911 for the execution of multiple hijackings of commercial aircraft. The odds of that happening must be in the trillions-to-one range.

Canadian television investigative broadcaster Barrie Zwicker puts it this way:
It was either "staggering, multiple, simultaneous, coincidental incompetence, at all levels, in many agencies, defying known laws of averages - a fifty-four-million to one chance, which is the official 911 Commission's official story - or the air defense [was] neutralized by design - about a one to one chance." - Barrie Zwicker  [See bibliography, Documentary films: "Confronting The Evidence".]

We must also ask: If Osama bin Laden did not know about the war-game drills, then who could have instructed those alleged nineteen “hijackers” to arrive from various parts of the nation at the three airports on that particular morning to board those specific ill-fated flights? The nineteen alleged hijackers had to travel across a number of states to arrive at the fateful airports for boarding that morning. They had been spread all over the country, from the Defense Language School at Monterey, California, to the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida, and elsewhere. We may bear that question in mind as we look more closely into the events of 911. Did Osama bin Laden simply make an amazing "lucky guess", or did Tim Osman receive intelligence advising him of the upcoming war-game drills for that morning?

Or, and this is possibly the most important question of all - did Osama even know that his state-side al Qaeda "terrorists" (allegedly nineteen of them) had already been instructed by someone inside the U.S. Federal government to board flights on the morning of 911? Was Osama, like George Walker Bush, fated to learn of the attacks only after they had been launched - to learn about it on TV? We note that this question is valid, owing to Colin Powell's statement promising the public a "white paper" detailing Osama bin Laden's and al Qaeda's complicity in the attacks of 911. [For film clip of Powell saying this to Tim Russert, see Bibliography, Documentary Films, 911 Press For Truth.] Neither Colin Powell nor the U.S. government has, at the end of 2006, yet come forth with the written proof that Osama bin Laden was involved in the attacks of 911, despite Powell's public promise to release such a paper promptly. His exact word was "soon".  Apparently, "soon" means more than five years - and counting. We also must recall that when George Walker Bush demanded of the Afghani Taliban that they hand over bin Laden, the Taliban in turn demanded that the Bush Administration first show its proof that Osama bin Laden was involved in the attacks - and the U.S. government could not, or would not, furnish to the Taliban the requested proof. Interesting, that.

Out of this, one matter arises before our curiosity. As I write this in the year 2006, it has now been over five years since the attacks of 911. During those five years I have neither seen nor heard of one – not even one – comment, remark, or exclamation-of-surprise, not one "peep", by Vice President Dick Cheney, regarding Osama bin Laden's incredible luck in just happening to pick the one morning in the half-century history of NORAD on which to launch multiple hijackings with a guaranteed factor of success built into the choice. Not once have I seen any statement by Vice President Dick Cheney regarding the amazing coincidence involved in Osama bin Laden's having chosen that particular morning in which to strike.

Musing on this, and trying to place myself in Vice President Dick Cheney's shoes as I imagine them to fit on that morning, I feel impressed to believe that, had I been in his position that morning, I would have been compelled to express my shock and my deeply-felt jolting amazement that my consequence-management exercises (war-game drills), long-planned in advance of that date to be in operation on that date – would have paralleled Osama bin Laden's plans for the most insidious attack upon America since 1812. Especially in light of the Presidential Daily Briefing of August 06, 2001, entitled "Osama bin Laden Determined To Strike In U.S.". [EA -get that exact quote, 911 Press For Truth]

When Vice President Dick Cheney was interviewed by Tim Russert just days after 911, Mr. Cheney did not mention one word about his having orchestrated and scheduled a series of war-game drills which, by virtue of their combined natures and details, assured, literally, the success of multiple aircraft hijackings on the morning of 911. Mr. Cheney did, however, note for Tim Russert that "we had no specific warning" concerning al Qaeda plans for an attack. That, of course, was later proved to be an untruth.

Yes, I am noting out loud that without Vice President Dick Cheney's war-game drills on the morning of 911 Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda could not have successfully executed multiple hijackings and three-out-of-four successful strikes at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center complex. I think any reader shall readily confess that much now. If you knew that your war-game drills had literally made the attacks possible, would you not have exclaimed in horror your surprise at the "coincidence"?

The way retired Lt. Colonel Robert Bowman, who is a decorated combat pilot who logged one-hundred-and-one combat missions over Vietnam during his military career, puts it - if the government had simply done nothing, and thereby allowed normal and standard operational procedures to take their natural course on the morning of 911, the WTC buildings would still be standing and several thousand innocent people would still be alive. (Dr. Bowman's comments are on two films - see Bibliography, documentary films: Confronting The Evidence: A Call To Reopen 911 by Jimmy Walters; and the C-SPAN coverage of Alex Jones' June, 2006, Scholars' Symposium on 911 Truth in Los Angeles, California.)

Coordinating Compartments

That is a fairly sobering thought. While we're musing on that silent fact, let us now take a look at another anomaly which will call for more sheer luck against untold and even more indescribable odds. Each of three major "terrorist events" which occurred within an eleven-year time frame revealed something held in common with the other two. The time frame is April, 1995 through July, 2005. Let's look at those now before moving to the next topic.

1) On April 19, 1995, at the same time the Murrah Federal building in downtown Oklahoma City exploded, the Oklahoma City bomb squad and the BATF were running a consequence management exercise involving a training scenario in which the bomb squad would be called into action. [See: Bibliography, Documentary Films, Terrorstorm by Alex Jones.] That explains how it came to be that the bomb squad was already in full operational dress and gear when the Federal building exploded that morning. It also poses certain questions for the BATF regarding their whereabouts at the time of the explosion, as Oklahoma Representative Charles Key has noted in his documentary film: "Oklahoma City: What Really Happened". [See Bibliography; Documentary Films; Oklahoma City: What Really Happened.]

2) On the morning of 911, there were a minimum of five consequence management exercises transpiring at the same time the four commercial airliners were allegedly hijacked. Two of those exercises matched two of the targets which were hit by the attacks that morning.

3) And on the morning of July 07, 2005, in London, England, three tube-trains (underground railway trains, or subway trains) and one city bus were exploded with military-grade bombs which were simultaneously detonated at three different underground locations - at precisely the same time a consequence management exercise was being conducted by a London "response management" company named Visor Consultants. That consequence management exercise involved the scenario wherein employees and police would respond to three simultaneous bombings on three tube-trains at three locations underground in London. The chilling, amazing, unbelievable news is that those three scenaric trains, at the same three scenaric locations, at the same scenaric times, all picked in advance for the purpose of training, exactly duplicated the explosions of the three trains hit in the attack. Mr. Power was kind enough to go on British TV that morning and announce that his company, Visor Consultants, was conducting that consequence management exercise, and he explained that the bombs hit "precisely" the same three trains at the precise three locations and at the precise same time which had been scripted for the exercise. To remove any doubts about this, Mr. Power then went to BBC radio and repeated his story. The best coverage of this amazing event, called now the "7-7 London Bombings", is found on Alex Jones' documentary film, "TerrorStorm". [See Bibliography; Documentary Films; TerrorStorm, by Alex Jones, for the actual film and radio clips of Mr. Power's public statements.]

So we now have, in just over one decade, the occurrence of three major "terrorist events" which greatly affected the USA and the UK in many significant ways, and each of those terrorist events just happened to coincide with on-going consequence management exercises which closely resembled the actual attacks. Keep this in mind; as we'll come back to this point shortly.


More reading on Osama bin Laden, aka Tim Osman


Returning To Intelligence Anomalies


In the letter entitled "Surveillance" we looked at some sketchy details regarding the operational methods of the FBI. We now know that their methods include leaving known terrorists on the streets for the stated purpose of surveilling them. In fact, we now know that this methodology has been conspicuously present and liable in each major terror event on U.S. soil - that people under FBI and/or CIA surveillance somehow always appear in the periphery of, or even central to, spectacular terror events. Odd, that.

Continued next letter...

For Liberty,




1) Jawbreaker: The Attack On Bin Laden And Al-Qaeda

by Gary Berntsen and Ralph Pezzullo; copyright 2005 by Gary Berntsen and Ralph Pezzullo; Three Rivers Press, imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, division of Random House, Inc., New York, www.crownpublishing.com ; ISBN-13: 978-307-35106-7 and ISBN-10 0-307-35106-8.

It should be stressed that Gary Berntsen was the CIA officer in charge of the invasion of Afghanistan in October, 2001, immediately after the attacks of 911. His documentation of bin Laden's escape from Tora Bora, Afghanistan into Pakistan in early December, 2001 has been verified. His documentation of the airlift from Konduz, Afghanistan, to Pakistan, in which several thousand al Qaeda and Taliban fighters were removed from Afghanistan and flown to safety in Pakistan before the U.S. military could close in upon them is fully documented now. Mr. Berntsen retired from CIA two years early in order to get this information to the American people as quickly as possible. The CIA has heavily redacted the manuscript prior to publication, but what remains is "damning enough". In early 2007 I spoke over KMMS talk radio AM1450 in Bozeman, Montana, with Fox News military consultant, Maj. Gen. Paul Valleley, who validated over the air on Henry Kriegel's Open Range show, in response to my questions, that the airlift from Konduz and the escape from Tora Bora did indeed happen as Berntsen describes in his book. The U.S. government intentionally, and with full knowledge, planning, and equipment/support, assisted al Qaeda and Taliban soldiers, including Osama bin Laden himself, escape from Afghanistan after Gary Berntsen's CIA teams had boxed them in. General Tommy Franks, commander of CENTCOM, was involved. This should horrify every American citizen.


Pakistan's ISI  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inter-Services_Intelligence






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