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I have reproduced much from the above three articles on Ali Mohammed. I've done so because the three articles together, embarrassing as they would appear to be, possess, running through each and all of them, a subtle theme - a possible derangement called "incompetence" which would seemingly indict the FBI, CIA, and U.S. Army's Special Forces for having unwittingly employed a very high-ranking al Qaeda operative. One of the first options any government agent conceives when searching his brain for "plausible deniability" is incompetence. 'Incompetence' is what Richard Clarke cried in his book, Against All Enemies 10, and again in public when speaking before the Kean 911 Commission. "Your government failed you. And I failed you."

While that is true upon one level of inspection, and is sad enough, if we were to rest there, upon the incompetence premise, we risk denying the Intelligence community and the U.S. Military proper credit for outsmarting "America's enemies". Trillions of dollars have disappeared into the Defense Department and the Intelligence community in recent decades, and it would be embarrassing for either and both to confess to "incompetence".

Maybe, just maybe, another potential hypothesis is available. That hypothesis would assert that the Intelligence community did indeed know who and what Mr. Ali Mohammed represented, and that Ali Mohammed was doing just what he was being paid to do - and - that the government's usage of false-flag terrorism tactics has been for half a century employed as a tool of the handful of powerful men who operate our "national interests" covertly. 

In other words, it is entirely possible that a small group of highly-positioned men and women inside our dearly-beloved government sees a justification for the presence of terrorism in today's world. We may hypothesize that by observing that there exists no other "enemy" of America. There is only terrorism to curb American domination of the world's global economy, only terrorism to provide the massive Defense Department contracting "interests" with a believable excuse for their existence after America won every major war of the 20th Century and was left with no viable "enemy".

Without an enemy, Defense spending is expected to diminish, and that strikes deeply into the core of our problem. This point I have treated more closely in another letter to the Committee, but we should perhaps consider it here briefly as well.

If monster-sized multi-national corporate giants such as Bechtel and Halliburton, General Electric and Lockheed-Martin, and Carlyle Group et al, were to suffer massive losses, cutbacks in Defense contracts, and lay-offs, it is obvious that the national "economy" could likely sustain a mortal blow. This is an argument which our Congress faces frequently. An example is the demise of the Penn Central rail lines. The plea to Congress, repeated again and again by the financial investors who owned Penn Central's debt, was that the failure of Penn Central could conceivably demolish the nation's economic infrastructure. Congress caved, and finally we the people got Con-Rail and Amtrak, at our expense, while the banksters behind Penn Central got their profits. The Savings and Loan scandal is another fine example of how the major mechanics behind this nation's monetary system and our economy's infrastructure arrange things for special interests and do so on behalf of, and behind the veil of,  "national security".

Since FDR noted that increased Defense spending helped lift America out of the Depression of the 1930s, it has been common knowledge that without increased Defense spending our Fed-run economic structure might possibly collapse; hence, possibly, the motive to create a new enemy on the heels of World War I and then again upon the heels of World War II. We note today that after World War II we were handed a Cold War within two years of our victory. When the Cold War was finally "won" by America, immediately we found ourselves being led into a War on Terror. Think about that, please.

The reason I've included so much dry, boring, and suppressed history has much to do with the pattern of U.S. foreign policy across the span of the twentieth Century. We have already seen that we won World War I and that Wall Street and the City of London, as well as Berlin, immediately went about building the conditions which produced an Adolf Hitler, a Third Reich, and World War II.. Now we know that our current President's grandfather and many other corporate businessmen on Wall Street played key roles in the creation of that monster, Hitler, and literally equipped him to launch madness around the world.

Then we won World War II, during which we managed to build up the military of the USSR under FDR's Lend-Lease Act, including furnishing the Russians with ingredients for the Atomic bomb. Immediately at the end of WWII the CIA was created with the help of two of Hitler's biggest Wall Street lawyers, and the United Nations was created by FDR, Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin, and suddenly the Cold War was upon us. That Cold War would prove to be even better for providing vents for related economies than comparatively-brief World Wars; it lasted about four decades and fueled an insane "arms race" which sent Defense spending through the proverbial roof. Wall Street was elated. America's secret government was elated. And the international bankers of Europe and America were elated. Now we know that NATO's Operation Gladio generated decades of "Communist-sponsored terrorism", (false-flag terrorism created indeed by NATO itself and blamed on the Communists), against which the American Defense community could spend itself into a frenzy. But even the great Cold War was finally defeated by America, and suddenly there was no enemy to justify the vast Defense spending upon which America's economy had grown to depend. A new "enemy" had to be put in place. It is as if those who secretly plan the world's economic evolutionary development had run out of conventional methods for generating wars, and the only idea which seemed to stand a chance of being sold conclusively to the respective populations of the civilized world was what Brzezinski has dubbed, "a widely-perceived, direct external threat" - a new war against an amazing wave of world-wide terrorism aimed at destroying all "free nations" of earth.

Could that be the sordid reality behind Western man's inability to find a real and lasting peace? Could it be that the Occidental Accident has brought western civilization to the bondage of dependency upon not only fossil fuel but also a dependency upon mass-production as the prime economic driver? Smarter men than I must answer that question, but I do believe that it is permissible for a simple man such as I to pose the question.

It appears that the idea for a so-called "War on Terror" took. The demise of the USSR came by 1991, which was the same year a young Bill Clinton attended his first Bilderberg meeting, after which  Clinton was immediately swept into the White House, whereupon we forthwith produced upon the domestic scene Ruby Ridge, the 1993 WTC bombing, and Waco, followed by the amazing bombing of the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City - all within four years of the fall of the Soviet Empire and our victory in the Cold War.

Was all that mere Coincidence? Whatever else we may note about it, it is known and uncontradicted history - I've just said it in a new way.

But let's get back to Mr. Ali Mohammed's amazing contributions to the Intelligence community's buildup for a war on terror and its resultant domestic military-police-state. Let us note the following bad news from Mr. Patrick B. Briley in an article he published in October, 2005. If the following is not evidence of treason from within the FBI, Justice Department, and related U.S. government agencies and offices, please tell me what would be....



Patrick Briley
October 7, 2005

The GW Bush DOJ arranged for the early release of convicted FBI and CIA provocateur Ali Mohammed in July 2005. When released Ali had not served a full sentence commensurate with his convictions for the 1993 WTC and Kenyan and Tanzanian bombing attacks during the Clinton Presidency. AG Gonzales and John C. Richter were instrumental in the release of Ali Mohammed. John C. Richter was a former assistant attorney general for the GW Bush DOJ criminal division who had served in the DOJ criminal division with current Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff.

John Richter was also instrumental in protecting Melvin Lattimore, another FBI provocateur involved with Ali Mohammed in the 1993 WTC and 1995 OKC bombings. Richter was brought to OKC in October 2001 by the DOJ to prosecute Lattimore for a firearms violation. But at the time of Lattimore’s conviction the FBI and DOJ as well as Richter and AG Ashcroft knew that Lattimore had been used as an FBI provocateur together with Ali Mohammed in the 1993 WTC and the 1995 OKC bombing. They also knew that Lattimore was the roommate of 9/11 hijackers Moussaoui, AlShehhi and AlHazmi and had been with Mohammed Atta in Norman OK just before the 9/11 attacks. Richter’s 2001 prosecution of Lattimore was done to get Lattimore out of the limelight to avoid press and public scrutiny of FBI, CIA and DOJ corruption, murder and treason involving these attacks with Ali Mohammed and Melvin Lattimore.

Thanks to the GW Bush DOJ, AG Gonzales and John Richter, Ali Mohammed and Melvin Lattimore were not fully prosecuted, did not serve the full time required for their crimes and now are free once again to work together and roam the streets of America and OKC to monitor and perhaps provoke yet another terror attack in America.

Ali Mohammed worked for the FBI, CIA and Army Special Forces and with Bin Laden and 9/11 mastermind Khalid Mohammed, all at the same time! After Ali’s conviction during Clinton’s Presidency, DOJ AG Janet Reno made a special deal with Ali Mohammed and only held him under house arrest and never with the prospect of Ali having to serve out his full sentence. Ali Mohammed has always enjoyed a protected status with the DOJ, first with Reno and now with Ashcroft, Gonzales, Chertoff, and Richter. Because of this DOJ protection and his roles with so many different government agencies it is highly likely that Ali Mohammed was and still is a tool of the National Security Council (NSC) under Clinton and perhaps even under GW Bush and HW Bush.

The following is a summary review of what is known about Ali Mohammed’s protected role as a provocateur for USG officials in the attacks mentioned above:

Ali Mohammed was an Egyptian military officer who worked for the CIA, US Special Forces and later for the FBI out of Sacramento, California all while Ali Mohammed moved Bin Laden between Sudan and Afghanistan when Cofer Black was in Sudan to monitor the operation. Cofer Black became the CIA director of the joint FBI/CIA counter terrorism center set up in 1996. During this time Ali Mohammed wrote Bin Laden’s terror training manuals. Former CIA official L.C. Johnson has publicly stated that the USG’s use of Ali Mohammed was a tremendous mistake. Johnson also confirmed that Ali Mohammed had written terror-training manuals for Bin Laden.

Ali Mohammed was at the Special Forces school in North Carolina where McVeigh attended the school briefly after the first Gulf war in 1991-1992. CIA pilot Dave Hollaway was also at US Special Forces in North Carolina and may have known Ali Mohammed. Hollaway brought German national and FBI provocateur Andreas Strassmeir to Elohim City in OKC where Hollaway and Strassmeir trained and encouraged McVeigh for the OKC bombing. Ali Mohammed met and knew AlQaeda terrorist Khalid Mohammed. Khalid, like Ali Mohammed, was in North Carolina and obtained a college degree in engineering while in North Carolina.

End quoted passage from Patrick B. Briley article of October 07, 2005.


This poses many more questions. Chief among them is the question about "where" Ali Mohammed was during what little time he was "incarcerated" by the Justice Department. Since everything about him, including his sentence, remains classified under "national security", we must admit that for all we know, once Ali Mohammed was placed inside a Federal prison he may have been turned around, given Witness Protection Program identification, and sent on vacation to the Bahamas, from where he could be summoned secretly when DOJ decided it wanted to "release" him. Since you and I are not privileged to know the secret workings of our government we are left with only speculation. That is why the patterns of history are so important as we search for ways to stop the destruction of America. At any rate, the "incompetence theory" is itself a can of worms which is now opened.

Thus far we've seen in this letter that known terrorists and al Qaeda operatives have been involved intimately with both the CIA and the FBI, and that some of them had been under surveillance by, or had been “informants” for, or have been agent-provocateurs for, one or both of those agencies for years before each of the three centerpiece terrorist events on U.S. soil. That is unacceptable and is, in the strictest grasp of the word, in fact criminal.

We have learned that the FBI has facilitated the entry into America of known al Qaeda terrorists on grounds that their presence inside our country would enhance FBI's ability to learn who our enemy is and what to expect from our enemy. Yet, if they truly needed to know that - in other words, if that was not already known - then how did they know which terrorists to import for surveillance? That is unacceptable and is also criminal.

We have learned that the FBI will readily release a convicted criminal from prison and put him back on the street so they can monitor him and/or use him in “counter-terrorism operations” or “intelligence” operations. One of the more significant cases is the release from prison of Peter Langan; but a more-serious crime at the hand of the U.S. Intelligence community is the release from prison in late 2005 of Ali Mohammed. They let this man out of prison, and he has “disappeared”. That is unacceptable and in fact that action is criminal.




I would like to share some questions with you and your Committee.

First, I'm wondering how middle-eastern men can gain access to secure U.S. military flight-training bases such as the Pensacola, Florida, Naval Air Station, while they are under FBI surveillance as potential terrorists, when you and I cannot even expect to be allowed visitation privileges on such bases. It occurs to me, having been stationed on several U.S. Marine Corps bases, that an American citizen – any domestic civilian - would have a difficult obstacle to overcome before being admitted to flight school on a U.S. military base – not to mention the obstacles which would interdict an applicant from a foreign nation. Unless certain criminal elements within our Federal government's complex of interfaced agencies intended to use these subjects as patsies in upcoming terrorist events, what could possibly explain their arrival in this nation and subsequent enrollment in training schools at secure U.S. military installations - under U.S. Intelligence community surveillance? This is a serious question, indeed, and I am at a loss for any other explanation. When coupled with the many other anomalies surrounding the events of 911, and the government's official story about 911 which will not hold water, and the numerous lies we now have unveiled to the American public, this sort of insanity is simply outrageous and deathly offensive. It causes me to think of the words 'High Crimes', and 'Treason'.

Think about it, slowly please - we are being asked to believe that a number of the nineteen “hijackers” took training at such bases prior to 911 and somehow managed to do so without being stopped by the FBI or the CIA or the INS or U.S. Customs or U.S. Military Security. We are asked to believe that Osama bin Laden could orchestrate all that via long-distance communications from his cave in Afghanistan despite the NSA's awesome interceptive powers over every known form of communication on earth.

How could al Qaeda operatives get access to secure military bases in this country for flight training when you and I cannot? To my understanding, some sort of Intelligence community alternative agenda, some sort of deliberate “plan” would have been required to get those men enrolled in flight school programs on those bases. I would suggest that an investigation into the application process for each of the al Qaeda suspects who were enrolled in flight schools on secure U.S. Military bases be conducted. Not only were many al Qaeda operatives assisted by the CIA in entering this country through the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, but some must have been assisted by someone within U.S. Intelligence to gain access to flight schools on secure U.S. Military bases, including the Naval Air Station at Pensacola, Florida. The same thing had to be arranged for Ali Mohammed to be given security clearance while he was a U.S. Army Special Forces instructor at Fort Bragg.

Another question which comes to mind has to do with FBI Policy of flying known terrorists into America on the pretext of surveilling them. My question is: who, exactly, at the FBI would be in charge of making such a decision, and who should be held responsible for deliberately importing terrorists into America for such lame-brained schemes? Another related question is: Who at the FBI and the CIA should be held accountable for the deaths, damage, and destruction the imported terrorists levied on U.S. soil? Perhaps it's time to re-evaluate the concept of personal accountability within the ranks of the Federal government and its offices and agencies, especially within the Intelligence community.

Question: Why did the chief of the Consulate office in Jeddah resign in disgust because the CIA demanded he grant visas to questionable middle-eastern men seeking access to this country from abroad prior to 911, and what was “Visa Express” in Saudi Arabia? From here -


we read:

“Shortly after 9/11, the Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA), the agency within the State Department that oversees visa issuance as well as embassies and consulates in foreign nations, directed its offices around the world to "take a hard look at their current visa operations and see if there are any measures that could be taken to further strengthen the process." An obvious target for this review should have been Visa Express, which allows residents of Saudi Arabia, including non-Saudi citizens, to apply for non-immigrant visas at private travel agencies. After submitting the short form and photo to a travel agent, applicants simply wait to receive a visa in the mail. Most Saudi applicants never come into direct contact with a U.S. citizen until stepping off the airplane onto American soil. [emphasis EA]

One senior CA official describes the program as "an open-door policy for terrorists." It's striking that three 9/11 hijackers entered the U.S. through Visa Express, because the program was established just three months before 9/11. And that's not the only reason Visa Express has raised serious concerns among security experts. Take a sample month: The U.S. consulate in Jeddah interviewed only two of 104 applicants, rejecting none. The month in question? The first 30 days after 9/11. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that enjoys such privileges when it comes to visas.”

And from here - http://islam0786.bravejournal.com/

- we read: “Fifteen of the nineteen alleged hijackers were able to obtain visas at the U.S Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia so they could enter the United States. Three used Visa Express where no interviews were required. The Jeddah Consulate had previously been used by the CIA to bring bin Laden recruits into the U.S. for training, to be returned to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets. [EA note: in other letters we shall see that the current official U.S. government statement on the CIA's relationship with Osama bin Laden and his guerrilla forces never existed. That is what the official White House website states in September, 2006. Link:

And from here - http://www.nationalreview.com/mowbray/mowbray071002.asp

- we read on July 10, 2002: “Additionally, the head of Consular Affairs (CA), the agency within the State Department that oversees consulates and visa issuance, Mary Ryan, is also on the way out. Mary Ryan has been CA chief for nine years, and in that time she implemented a dangerous "courtesy culture" and has scrapped the interview requirement for visa applicants in consulates around the world. According to a senior administration official, 'Undersecretary of State Grant Green [Ryan's boss] called Mary Ryan into his office, and he told her it was time she resign'.”

Finally, from here- http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article4582.htm

we read- “At a time when the U.S. intelligence community was on alert for an imminent Al-Qaeda attack, the Bush Administration made it easier for Saudi visitors to come to the U.S. under a program called U.S. Visa Express, introduced four months before September 11th. Michael Springmann, former head of the Visa Bureau at the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia said that he was repeatedly ordered by high-level State Departtment officials to issue visas to unqualified applicants. His complaints to higher authorities at several agencies went unanswered. In a CBC interview, he indicated that the CIA was indeed complicit in the attacks.”

Question: Why did the head of the U.S. Defense Department's language training facility at Monterey, California, resign in disgust and go public with his knowledge of deliberate manipulation by Intelligence community offices which forced him to admit known terrorists into his facility for training, and why was he reprimanded for speaking the truth about our Intelligence community's sponsorship of those terrorists at his U.S. military language training center? From here -


we read - Lt. Col. Steve Butler, a 24-year veteran Air Force officer, was suspended from his senior position at the Defense Language Institute for writing a letter to the Monterey, Calif., newspaper that was critical of President Bush.

And from here - http://www.mindfully.org/Reform/2002/Bush-Critic-Suspended5jun02.htm

we read -

“An Air Force officer has been relieved from duties at the Presidio of Monterey after publication of his letter to the editor accusing President George W. Bush of having advance knowledge of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

“Lt. Col. Steve Butler was serving as vice chancellor for student affairs at the Defense Language Institute when he wrote the letter, which was published in The Herald May 21.

“The letter accuses Bush of allowing the attacks to occur for political reasons.”


Question: Why has the American mass-media not informed the public about this?

Additionally, I must ask myself: Just how “intelligent” are the FBI and the CIA? In truth, I think that both agencies are smarter than we give them credit for being, and I think that there must be criminals inside both agencies who are working for the authors of a hidden agenda, just as Ali Mohammed was and did. I think that they are planted in very high seats of Intelligence community authority and Secretive power. How else can we explain the incredible flirtation by the Intelligence community with so many known terrorists for so many years prior to each centerpiece terror event on U.S. soil? In another letter we shall look into yet more oddities regarding the Intelligence community.

Question: Will the Attorney General of the U.S. Department of Justice lie to the American people? Has an Attorney General ever lied to the American people? We as Americans shall never forget the FBI's lies regarding the massacre of eighty-six men, women, and children at Waco on April 19, 1993. We always shall remember that the Texas Rangers, after six years of FBI and U.S. DOJ lying about it, found on FBI computers copies of the missing page from the FBI's report to Congress regarding the use of pyrotechnic devices at Waco on the day the place was burned to the ground. We still remember the headlines when that was exposed in 1999, and we recall the antics of Janet Reno, Clinton's AG, when the news broke and she was caught publicly in her lie about government troops using pyrotechnic devices that fateful day. I personally thank the Texas Rangers for uncovering that lie. We do know because of that exposed lie that the FBI, or, at least, some people inside the FBI, will lie to the American people for the purpose of covering up the FBI's crimes, and we know now that an Attorney General will most certainly lie to the American people to cover up state-sponsored mass murder. That establishes another Precedent. Also, the FBI committed murder at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and then lied to America about it, only to be forced to admit its lies when a Federal court awarded Randy Weaver millions of dollars in the wrongful deaths of his wife and child, whom Lon Horiuchi murdered while wearing an FBI badge. If the FBI has thusly been caught and exposed for lying to the American people more than once, why then should I today have full faith and trust in the FBI? How many FBI lies should I overlook, and for what reason should I overlook FBI lies? Should I or any other Montanan accept outright lies from the Federal government?

How then shall I be expected to take as truth anything the FBI states regarding the greater good in its purpose and its practice of using known terrorists, informants, and agents-provocateur in its programs of “surveillance” without taking those known terrorists off the street? Isn't it quite likely that some among those terrorists which are under FBI and CIA surveillance shall prove to be involved in the next “terror event” on U.S. soil? That is certainly the currently-seen template of possibility.

And lastly, who benefits each time a centerpiece “terror event” occurs on U.S. soil? Hasn't the end result of each of the four terror events on U.S. soil been to grant the government more power, more intrusive laws, more funding, more control over the American people? And hasn't each terror event on U.S. soil been followed by intrusive legislations passed into law under circumstances of frenzy and the “fog of fear”, and haven't those legislations been followed by demands from government that we the people must give up more of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our personal sovereignty, our dignity as individuals, our privacy, our liberty, and our freedoms?

Could that have anything to do with preparing the United States of America for assimilation into the one-world government of the New World Order, after all? And is it mere coincidence that ten years to the day after George Herbert Walker Bush said this:

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective -- a new world order -- can emerge" (3)

we were given 911?

While we ponder such things, let us also take note of the ongoing struggle of a very credible man named David Schippers. David Schippers was the attorney commissioned by the House Judiciary Committee to prosecute the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton. Quite the honorable and knowledgeable gentleman, Mr. Schippers did a wonderful job for the Judiciary Committee. He also has bragging rights regarding his work in attacking organized crime in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

What most Americans do not know about David Schippers is the fact that he is currently representing a number of U.S. Intelligence community clients including FBI operatives and former operatives who are attempting to divulge to the American public some very unsavory information, information which the U.S. Department of Justice and the White House are adamantly and desperately attempting to keep hidden from the American public. The information has to do with, but is not limited to, government foreknowledge of the attacks of 911, and also has to do with the fact of Iraqi involvement in the bombing of the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City. Among other things...

Before sharing with you some passages from the transcript of his live telephone interview with radio-talk-show host Alex Jones of Austin, Texas, I would like to note just after George Herbert Walker Bush's 1991 invasion of Iraq Mr. Bush saw fit to move several thousand Iraqis into the state of Oklahoma. These people were mostly men from Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard, and G.H.W. Bush settled them in Oklahoma. They live there now. Were some of them were CIA assets while they yet lived in Iraq and worked for Saddam Hussein? Now they're in Oklahoma and have been since Desert Storm. That means that they've been in Oklahoma since well before the 1995 bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.


The following interview is on a film by Alex Jones entitled “911: The Road To Tyranny”. (4)

Begin transcript of interview between David Schippers and Alex Jones:

(Alex Jones) AJ: Now later you got it from FBI agents in Chicago and Minnesota that there was going to an attack on lower Manhattan.

(David Schippers) DS: Yeah - and that's what started me calling. I started calling out there. [to Washington DC] First of all, I tried to see if I could get a Congressman to go to bat for me and at least bring these people out there and listen to them. I sent them information and nobody cared. It was always, "We'll get back to you", "we'll get back to you", "we'll get back to you." Then I reached out and tried to get to the Attorney General, when finally we got an attorney general in there that I would be willing to talk to. And, again, I used people who were personal friends of John Ashcroft to try to get him. One of them called me back and said, "Alright I have talked to him. He will call you tomorrow morning." This was like a month before the bombing. The next morning I got a call. It wasn't from Ashcroft. It was from somebody in the Justice Dept.

AJ: One of his handlers.

DS: Yeah, and I started telling him the situation and he said, "You know we don't start our investigations at the top." I said I would like to talk to the Attorney General because this is vital. He said, "We don't start our investigations at the top. Let me look into this and I will get back to you." As I sit here today, I have never heard from him.

AJ: Again, David Schippers, you are big in Washington, you were the top lawyer that got Clinton impeached, you are highly respected, you know the Senators, the Congressmen. You're calling up. You've got these FBI agents and others feeding you this information. They're being pulled off the cases. They're angry. That's even been in the news now, from Minnesota and Florida and Illinois. They know what's going to happen. The Sudanese in '96 and '98 tried to arrest Bin Laden for Clinton, tried to give us the names of Al Qaeda, Clinton wouldn't take it.

DS: Didn't want any part of it.

AJ: Wouldn't touch it. So we've got all this developing. We've got police officers and FBI on the ground who know who bombed Oklahoma City. They've got them in custody with blue jogging suits and bomb-making components. They are ordered to release them. All of this is unfolding - 3500 to 5000 Iraqi Republican Guard (living near OKC), we know there is a Saddam/Iraqi connection here - I mean they knew this. Why in the world, David Schippers, did they allow this to take place?

DS: I'll tell you something. This (is) one of the things that, to me, it is almost inconceivable – inconceivable! - that with the knowledge they had that they would turn their back. Just assume that they had investigated and gone in after the Oklahoma City bombing , as they are going now. There never would have been an attack on the Trade Towers. If they had done, 5 to 6 years ago what they are doing now, they probably would have had Bin Laden and that gang all stopped by now. But, I don't know, as a human being, as a former prosecutor, as a lawyer and a guy who represents police and agents all over the United States, it is inconceivable to me that those bureaucrats in Washington would turn their back on the obvious for their own purposes. (snip)


AJ: Now you say, from your sources, I know you represent a bunch of FBI agents who are hopping mad, you probably can't talk about the specifics, you say you are representing them. Are they getting ready to sue or something?

DS: Well they are hoping to, but what do you sue for? What I'm trying to do is get the people in Washington - you see these agents can't come out. The only information that I have is information that is public knowledge. They can't tell me anything that is confidential or anything that is secret, or anything like that. I'm talking about what is public knowledge and these guys can't say anything unless they are subpoenaed.

AJ: That's why you want to get into a court.

DS: I don't want to get into a court. I want to get them into the intelligence committee. I want to get them to talk to the Attorney General, to Gov. Ridge, to General Downing or to somebody who has the ability or the authority to go to the FBI bureaucrats and say "Butt out! - we are going to do this right.”

AJ: I'm sure you are aware that on the History Channel, they are reporting that we had prior knowledge of the Japanese attack and they allowed that to take place.

DS: Sure.

AJ: And now you see the UN empowered, the World Court empowered. It looks like the UN is going to get to take over that oil supply in Central Asia. The face scanning cameras - now they are on the fast track. This has sure brought the police state into a lot more focus.

DS: It sure has. I've been saying for years that once you have license, the next step is tyranny. It really is scary. The whole thing is scary. Remember the Palmer raids when they had the Reds scare in the early twentieth century and they just went out and rounded up everybody and threw them in jails and deported them. Our freedoms took a real hit. I hope to God that we don't run into the same thing this time. The people are saying, "I want to be safe." Who was it, Ben Franklin said if you give up your liberties for security, you will eventually lose both your liberties and your security.

AJ: Absolutely.

AJ: We're talking to David Schippers. We're discussing FBI agents across the country having prior knowledge of the attacks, trying to get these guys arrested or even to get a warrant, knowing they were associates of Bin Laden, others being trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, Clinton not wanting the names of Al Queda when they had the chance, there is so much evidence of prior knowledge. How did this happen with the Bush administration, when you are trying to get to Ashcroft and telling them that there is a plan to attack lower Manhattan very soon and what was the intel you were getting from these agents?

DS: Well, a lot of this wasn't coming from the agents. When the bomb hit (WTC attack) and everybody said we have to find the money (trail) and stop the money. The only place the money was actually identified and stopped was in Chicago. There was actually a lawsuit, a case filed here in Chicago, in which money that had been earmarked for Hamas, to be used for terrorism, was grabbed by the United States government - and seized and forfeited, and that was here in Chicago.

AJ: But that agent had to go through a lot of grief to get that done.

DS: An agent actually filed the affidavit. I'm not talking about anything that is confidential. This agent here in Chicago filed the affidavit where he laid out the whole way that the money moves, the way that it is handled, how it comes out of the middle east into Chicago area and into the United States, how it is covered, how the operatives are covered, how the money is transferred back and where it's kept while its here. And that affidavit ran like 30 pages - laying it out. And he had to go through hell on earth in Washington, he had to fight like a tiger - everybody in his own bureau and in the Dept. of Justice was against him - and still is.

AJ: Now the FBI agents in Minnesota knew about this and had the evidence but they couldn't even get a wiretap or a warrant to search these guys.

DS: Exactly.

AJ: We're talking about some of the actual hijackers.


DS: Exactly. And this woman who was talking to me, she had other contacts, who were in Naval Intelligence and other areas, and she was reporting that there was one of these terrorists who was involved in the bombing in Oklahoma City - was working at the Boston airport. A friend of mine who happens to be an agent had information that there were Hamas operatives working in baggage and areas at O'Hare Airport with free access to any part of the airport. But no one would listen. They just said it's not true, it can't happen that way. I'll tell you something. I don't know if it was because Clinton and his boys didn't want the United States to realize that Flight 800 was a terrorist attack and that Oklahoma City was a terrorist attack because they didn't want to admit that the intelligence of the United States was totally destroyed.

AJ: Well Craig Roberts says it best. They wanted to demonize the patriot organizations and create this internal security force to watch Americans....

DS: Exactly.

AJ: because the "precious Arabs", they can't do anything wrong.

DS: And that's exactly what they started. I forget which nitwit it was that came out and said you can blame the Russ Limbaugh's and the talk show hosts who are fomenting this terror.

AJ: That was Bill Clinton.

DS: Yeah, Clinton made that statement. And they had a handy guy in McVeigh. I also know from affidavits that I have read that there were eyewitnesses who saw the middle eastern man running from the scene (OKC bombing) along side McVeigh.

AJ: And why don't the feds just release those 12 surveillance camera tapes if it is just McVeigh alone?

DS: Those surveillance camera tapes are going to show that there was a middle eastern man running with him. Some of these people who gave affidavits were interviewed by the FBI during the course of the investigation. They were interviewed about the second person that they saw and the agents tried to make them say or suggested to them that the second person was Nichols. Every single one of these people said absolutely not, it was a middle-eastern type individual.

AJ: Al Hussaini

DS: Now, listen to this. None of those investigative reports; none of those 302s have ever surfaced. So the FBI comes up with all these thousands of documents which they claimed they overlooked but the key ones where they tried to get them to say it was Nichols never surfaced.

End quoted passages from live radio interview between David Schippers and Alex Jones. Note – FBI “302s” are the field interview reports taken down and filed by field agents.


So David Schippers today is representing various FBI and other Intelligence community operatives who want to let the American people know the truth regarding the Oklahoma City bombing and the attacks of 911. We may assume, but it's only an assumption, that one of their points has to do with the Iraqi connection in both events. A good question about that has to do with the Bush 43 Administration's hesitancy to use this information regarding the Iraqi Republican Guard which was settled by G.H.W. Bush in Oklahoma in his buildup for the Iraq invasion of 2003, when he was desperately needing to associate Iraq with WMDs and terrorism connections. Bush Junior never let on one whit about the Iraqi connection to the Oklahoma City bombing, or the Iraqi funding of known terrorists in this country, when he could have used that information to his advantage in the buildup for his invasion of Iraq in 2003.

(Related to that query is this, which arrived in February, 2007. The tide of public support for the War in Iraq having turned and burned the Republican Party with the 2006 election, just months later there is much talk about our pull-out from Iraq militarily. Ironically, just as Poppy Bush did after Desert Storm, his Iraqi war, Poppy Junior Bush has announced that thousands of Iraqis must be re-settled inside America's borders.)

But my point here is that the FBI knew many people who would be involved in the attacks of 911 well before those attacks occurred, and some people who were high-up in the hierarchy at FBI had to have made conscious decisions to suppress that information. That decision has caused several FBI field agents to resign in disgust, and one has written a scathing condemnation of the FBI. A number of them have turned to David Schippers for protection because of the information they possess, wish to expose, but cannot legally bring forward.

We have reason to look more closely into this, and in coming letters we shall do just that.

Note: For more light on the criminal insanity which drives the FBI's dangerous policies regarding surveillance of known criminals and terrorists while leaving an open door to the rogue shadow government network to create terrorism by using FBI informants, provocateurs, and other types of assets, the following excerpts from a U.S. Senate report of April 23, 1976, are valuable, informative, and damning. In the words of the U.S. Senate:

Below is excerpted from the Senate report, which you may find here:









APRIL 23 (under authority of the order of April 14), 1976



The dangers to a free society that are implicit in the use of secret intelligence informers have long been recognized. In his Constitutional History of England, written in the mid-19th century, Sir Thomas May observed:

Men may be without restraints upon their liberty; they may pass to and fro at pleasure: but if their steps are tracked by spies and informers, their words noted down for crimination, their associates watched as conspirators -- who shall say that they are free?

May pointed to the use of informers by "continental despotisms," noting that "the freedom of a country may be measured by its immunity from this baleful agency."
On the other hand, law enforcement officials see informants as a highly effective technique -- one justified by the public's interest in the detection of crime and the prosecution of criminals. FBI officials testified to the Committee that informants "provide one of the best and most complete forms of coverage" in their investigations. Former Attorney General Katzenbach testified that the use of intelligence informants in the mid-1960s to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan -- a technique urged upon the FBI by President Johnson, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and Mr. Katzenbach -- was a principal factor in stopping repeated acts of criminal violence.
This Appendix, pursuant to the Committee's mandate under Senate Resolution 21, focuses on the use of informants in FBI intelligence investigations who are recruited, paid and directed by Bureau Special Agents. The Committee did not examine the use of informants in FBI criminal investigations nor did the Committee examine instances of the "walk-in" who volunteers information to the FBI on a one-time basis. As discussed in more detail below, paid and directed intelligence informants are extensively used in FBI domestic intelligence investigations of groups and individuals. These intelligence informants are the subject of this Appendix.

The use of informants to collect intelligence on Americans is not confined to the FBI. The Committee also examined the use of intelligence informants by other agencies. In the late 1960s, informants and undercover agents were used by the CIA and Army Intelligence to secretly penetrate domestic groups. In 1968, about 1500 Army intelligence agents were engaged in monitoring and penetrating civilian activity in the United States; although a 1971 Defense Department directive now generally limits the military's collection of information about private groups and individuals, the directive permits the military to secretly penetrate civilian groups where approved by the Defense Department. See the Appendices on Improper Surveillance of Private Citizens by the Military and CIA Intelligence Activities Regarding Americans. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service uses informants for intelligence purposes. See the IRS Report: p. 863, "Selective Enforcement for Non-Tax Purposes."

A. Summary of Facts

1. The Extensive Use of Intelligence informants

The paid and directed informant is the most extensively used technique in FBI domestic intelligence investigations. Informants were used in 85 percent of the domestic intelligence investigations analyzed in a recent study by the General Accounting Office. By comparison, electronic surveillance was used in only 5 percent of the cases studied. The FBI places strong emphasis on informant coverage, in intelligence investigations, instructing agents to "develop reliable informants at all levels and in all segments" of groups under investigation. 

The Committee's investigation revealed that the FBI was using more than 1,500 domestic intelligence informants as of June 30, 1975. 

The FBI budget for Fiscal Year 1976 programmed a total of $7,401,000 for the intelligence informant program, more than twice the amount allocated for the organized crime informant program.


Subversive Informants. -- The FBI classifies its paid and directed intelligence informants into two categories, "subversive" and "extremist," corresponding to the two types of domestic intelligence investigations. "Subversive" informants are those used in the investigation of "subversive activities," defined in Section 87 of the FBI Manual as "activities aimed at overthrowing, destroying, or undermining the Government of the United States or any of its political subdivisions" by illegal means. Section 87 has been applied to the activities of the Communist Party and a wide variety of other organizations which the FBI believes have revolutionary characteristics. During the Vietnam War, investigations of individuals labeled "Key Activists" were conducted under Section 87, in which informant coverage was stressed. For example, in January 1968, instructions went out to ten major field offices to designate certain persons as "Key Activists." They were defined as "individuals in the Students for a Democratic Society and the anti-Vietnam war groups [who] are extremely active and most vocal in their statements denouncing the United States and calling for civil disobedience and other forms of unlawful and disruptive acts."  There was to be "an intensive investigation" of each "key activist":
Because of their leadership and prominence in the "new left" movement, as well as the growing militancy of this movement, each office must maintain high-level informant coverage on these individuals so that the Bureau is kept abreast of their day-to-day activities as well as the organizations they are affiliated with, to develop information regarding their sources of funds, foreign contacts, and future plans.

Extremist Informants. -- "Extremist" informants are those used in the investigation of "extremist" activities, defined in Section 122 of the FBI Manual in the same way as subversive activities but also including "denying the rights of individuals under the Constitution....."

~End teaser from above linked report by U.S. Senate.

Bearing all that in mind, let us now consider the refined art of "cover-up".

Deconstructing Some Lies

Richard Clarke is a most-impressive gentleman with quite a portfolio sequence of crucial positions inside the White House and Intelligence communities. He was, according to the Family Steering Committee, the first government official to apologize for government failures on 911. Clarke's apology is very convenient for the secret government which has much to hide behind the mask of "incompetence". We now may see that Clarke was either lying through his teeth in an attempt to do his share in the official cover-up of the crimes of 911 or was himself deceived by various agencies and operatives. Let's look into an extracted section of his book, Against All Enemies (1) where we read on page 136:

The first years of the Clinton Administration had seen a drum roll of terrorism. Eleven "terrorist" events rose to high-level attention in the United States, from the first World Trade Center attack, to the shootings outside CIA headquarters, to the Atlanta Olympics bomb, and others. Not one of them had been blamed on anything called al Qaeda by CIA or by FBI. The story of when, and how, the U.S. first began to focus on Al Qaeda has been garbled in various recent accounts. It is time to set the record straight.

A man named Usama bin Laden, a so-called financier, had been remotely and tentatively related to one or two events but not blamed for them. Maybe, CIA said, he was connected to a failed attack on Americans in Yemen in 1992 and perhaps there was some connection between him and Ramzi Yousef, who had attacked the World Trade Center in 1993 and then plotted  in the Philippines. The supposedly known perpetrators of terrorist attacks discussed by the media were an unrelated hodgepodge of apparently containable threads: Iraqi intelligence for the attempt on former President Bush, Iranian intelligence for the attack on the U.S. Air Force at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, a lone wolf from Baluchistan for the attack on the CIA gatehouse, two odd ducks from the American right wing for the Oklahoma City bombing, an Egyptian cleric for the plot to blow up the New York City tunnels, a wannabe cop turned security guard for the Atlanta Olympics bomb, a crafty Palestinian-Kuwaiti for the World Trade Center attack, a group of now beheaded Saudis for the bombing of the U.S. military training mission in Riyadh, and a mystery man in a boat off Long Island or perhaps even a U.S. Navy pilot for the downing of TWA 800. By 1997, the two hostile intelligence services had been checkmated by our bombing of Iraq's service headquarters, and by the intelligence operation against Iran. Most of the other actors were in jail or dead, and the rent-a-cop and U.S. Navy had been exonerated of the Atlanta bomb and the TWA crash. If there was a pattern in all of this, U.S. intelligence and federal law enforcement did not see it.

Let's look first at this from the above passage: "A man named Usama bin Laden, a so-called financier, had been remotely and tentatively related to one or two events but not blamed for them. Maybe, CIA said, he was connected to a failed attack on Americans in Yemen in 1992 and perhaps there was some connection between him and Ramzi Yousef, who had attacked the World Trade Center in 1993 and then plotted  in the Philippines."

What had gone on in the Philippines? A couple of things come to mind quickly. One thing, which occurred in January and February of 1995, was the planning of an operation named "Bojinka", in which the plans called for a group of jihadists to hijack airliners on a massive scale over the Pacific Ocean. Another thing was the discussion and/or planning to hijack airliners inside the U.S. and drive them into symbols of American power - specifically mentioned as a target was the CIA headquarters building at Langley, Virginia. Another thing was the planning for the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal building which would transpire just months later. Present at those planning sessions was Terry Nichols, co-conspirator with Tim McVeigh in the OKC bombing. All of this planning, in early 1995, was witnessed by both the FBI and the CIA, as we have learned years later. For a man in Clarke's position to be ignorant of this, some serious obfuscation was necessary within FBI and CIA. But Clarke may not have been as ignorant as he would have us believe. Let's return to Patrick B. Briley's report to the Congressional 911 committee:

~Begin excerpts from Briley's report to Congressional 911 commission:

The FBI and CIA station chief in the Philippines learned the details of plans for the OKC bombing and plans to train hijacker pilots for a 9/11 style attack on the WTC, other US skyscrapers and DC Federal buildings (not Project Bojinka) in January and February 1995.
 The CIA and FBI learned this information from CIA surveillance of Abu Sayeff terrorist cell meetings involving Iraqi operative Khalid Mohammed, his nephew Ramzi Yousef, Abdul Murad, Wali Khan, Philippino Edwin Angeles, Americans John Lebney, and Terry Nichols, and 5 Iraqi agents including a bomb expert.
 The CIA and FBI also learned of this information in debriefings from undercover Philippine Intelligence agent Edwin Angeles who was in the meetings. John Lebney was engaged in Chinese appliance sales and was known to the CIA. Further information was learned by FBI interrogation of fellow cell members (arrested) Abdul Murad and Wally Khan.
 Khalid Mohammed made these plans for the 9/11 style attack with FBI and CIA knowledge in 1995 a full year before Khalid went to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda in 1996 to finalize and gain support for his plans.
 Khalid Mohammed has told US interrogators that he indeed planned the 9/11 mission in the Philippines in 1995. Philippine authorities have told CNN that the Philippine government told the FBI and CIA of the plot in 1995. The FBI legal attaché blocked the Pentagon terror advisor, Jesse Clear, from getting details of 1995 Abu Sayeff meetings with Terry Nichols out of the Philippines starting in 1996. This is according to what Jesse Clear personally told me in late 1996.
 In the Philippines in late January 1995 the FBI and CIA also obtained access to Ramzi Yousef's computer hard drive. The computer hard drive contained a letter from Khalid Mohammed to a Mr. Siddiqy urging greater help from Mr Siddiqy. News reports stated that one or more Siddiqys were suspects involved in the 1993 WTC bombing and the 1995 OKC bombing. Anis and Assad Siddiqy and Mohammed Chafti from Brooklyn, New York, were arrested immediately after the OKC bombing and then the FBI had them released the same day.
[EA note: See David Schippers/Alex Jones interview in addendum.]
 The FBI claims they lost track of their arrest and the FBI 302 reports of their arrest until they were discovered in the Dallas FBI SAC office of Danny Defenbaugh in January 2001. FBI agent Odom from Denver twice actively tried to intimidate the witness Debbie Burdick to keep silent about her eyewitness account that she had seen the Siddiqy's and Chafti with McVeigh in OKC near the bombing scene.
 The Commission needs to know that Mohammed Chafti, and Anis and Assad Siddiqy from Brooklyn New York were suspects in the 1993 WTC bombing and were involved in the OKC bombing with McVeigh. On the day of the OKC bombing FBI agent Floyd Zimms admitted to OKC police officers that Zimms deliberately gave out false information concerning the vehicle driven by the men. Zimms deliberately and falsely identified their getaway car as an old green Oldsmobile Cutless, one Zimms used to drive, but not the vehicle the men were driving on the day of the bombing when they fled to Dallas and were later released. The vehicle two of the men were driving was a rental car from Dallas, the men had switched the plates on their rental car, they were detained initially by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and later arrested in Dallas. One of the other men was arrested in OKC at a motel. The FBI intervened in Dallas and OKC and had the men later released for reasons unknown.

~End excerpts from Patrick B. Briley's report to the Congressional 911 commission.

Consider: The fact that the FBI and CIA had informants present at those al Qaeda cell meetings in the Philippines in 1995 speaks tons. First it shows that the FBI and CIA were both aware of al Qaeda in 1995, if not before. We may well imagine that CIA, having created the Mujahedeen years earlier, would naturally be aware of the metamorphosis of the Mujahedeen into al Qaeda. It is known that the CIA did not destroy the training camps built by the Saudi bin Laden Construction company with U.S. taxpayer dollars during the anti-Soviet campaigns of the 1980s. President Clinton did that with Monica missiles much later. While abandoning those camps, the CIA simply stood aside and observed to see who would next occupy those training camps. Using the Pakistani ISI as the conduit of choice, CIA assisted the ISI in building up the Taliban, which overtook the rule of Afghanistan after the fall of the Soviets. CIA knew exactly what was going on inside the Mujahedeen and inside the Taliban, and it would be impossible to know those conditions without also being aware of the transition which was in process with the Mujahedeen as it morphed into al Qaeda.

Secondly, and for future reference, we note that the FBI and CIA presence in the abu Shayeff cell meetings in the Philippines in 1995 also shows clearly that our Intelligence and Law Enforcement communities were by early 1995 very well aware of al Qaeda plans to use hijacked airliners as weapons, or, as Condoleezza Rice named it, "as missiles". That is six years before 911. That means that the Clinton Administration and the G.W. Bush Administration were both aware that numerous hijacked airliners could be used "as missiles", as weapons, and that al Qaeda certainly had made plans to do just that. Richard Clarke was in sensitive Intelligence positions in both Administrations. Again we must wonder why so many Bush Administration officials, including Bush 43's National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice and Senator Trent Lott and Ari Fliesher and Vice President Dick Cheney all maintained in public statements that, in President Bush's own words, "Nobody in our Administration, or in the previous Administration, could envision hijacked airliners being used as weapons - on such a massive scale." [EA - get this exact quote from film, 911 Press For Truth]

 In Clarke's case, the key is to connect Khalid Mohammad with his nephew, Ramzi Yousef.

 An Even More Blatant Cover-up

In what former Tony Blair Cabinet Member and current Member of Parliament Michael Meacher's words, the Kean 911 Commission's published statement regarding the financing of the attacks of 911 is one of the most "inconceivable and disingenuous" as well as irresponsible declarations ever issued by any official investigating committee, the Commission stated this in its published report:


So. While we're asked to accept "incompetence" by Intelligence community operatives and officers, we are at the same time asked to accept "incompetence" at the highest levels of Federal service, including but not limited to the National Security Advisor and Richard Clarke himself. That means that the field offices of the FBI, various offices of the CIA and other Intelligence agencies, as well as the men who forward the analysis to, and interpret the analysis for, the President, hold in their hot little hands the immense and indescribable power to formulate the Intelligence of the United States of America into any portrait they think the public will accept. Behind that power, anything can happen - such as the 1993 WTC bombing, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, and the attacks of 9/11. To satisfy their curiosity and bewilderment, the American people are given whatever spun interpretation of such events might suit any current Administration, and the march into an insane War on Terror drums ever forward.

For this and other reasons, the great government-sponsored and government-defended myth of the War on Terror must be understood by all Americans, rejected by all Americans, and finally disintegrated at the highest levels of American governance and economic power in the mind of every individual American.

In Liberty,




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