Ancient, Old World, European


The Sumerian Tablets

The Sons of Abraham

Plato's  Critias

Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Bacon, Dr. John Dee

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 Sir Walter Raleigh and Jamestown

Wives Of The Signers _ A Chapter From The Book

Alexander Hamilton and Friends

The Whiskey Rebellion

Andrew Jackson

General Albert Pike

Judah Benjamin, August Belmont, James Bullock, John Slidell

The Monopoly Capitalists of Wall Street

The Spanish-American War, Imperialism, Teddy Roosevelt

The Seduction of Woodrow Wilson

Paris 1919

Reconstruction of Germany and the BIS

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The United Nations

Allen Dulles Secrecy In Statecraft

Truman, Clark Clifford, The National Security Act of 1947

The Supremacists





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